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Took this picture on our way back from birthday breakfast – the colors are really showing now – it’s a beautiful day.

We returned from vacation to find one of the hallmark signs of autumn – the leaves are changing. One of our maple trees is always the first to show the telltale signs of autumn – a bunch of its leaves are already turning a beautiful golden orange.

The mountains are starting to take on a definite twinge of color. There is the occasional tree that has completely exploded into yellow or orange or red. While it is not quite time to go leaf peeping, it is coming soon. For those of you who are not able to look out your windows and personally keep tabs on the foliage up here in Vermont but might be planning a trip or waiting for it to be “just right” for that trip – I thought that I would do a daily Foliage update.

These are the colors outside our door today, September 14th. (Which by the way is 10 days to my birthday – but I’m not counting or anything ;)  )



And the famous view from the header of my blog:


See, there isn’t too much color around here, but when it goes, it will go fast. So…be prepared.

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