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Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a late lunch meeting with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while but needed some legal advice. Turns out, when I left our meeting, I realized that, unbeknown to her, I left that meeting with some advice of my own and a little shot in the arm that I didn’t realize I had needed. I had the pleasure of listening to her plans for a future endeavor and it made me realize that I needed to stop and smell the roses myself and find something to look forward to and make me smile and so very excited and passionate.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, especially when some of those days of late have been real doozers, packed with a lot of stress and not much feeling of accomplishment, and the resulting, ongoing to-do list growing ever longer despite it all. Plus, somewhere in the back of my mind, (probably due to graduation looming on the horizon), there has been this nagging, sad feeling that there’s not much to look forward to at this age, since the “exciting” part of life – the hopes, the dreams, the aspirations where you feel you can take on the world and the possibilities are endless, appear behind me as I stand here, more than halfway through the 50s with grown kids who will, in a few short months, be off to live their own lives and face all that possibility and excitement. Envious of what awaits them? Maybe a little. Struggling with the sadness, reality and finality of the empty nest in a few months when they graduate? Probably most likely.

But, during our conversation yesterday, listening to her thoughtfulness about her next steps and her excitement in what may lay ahead, I felt encouraged. I left that meeting with a little, much needed, additional spring in my step and some hope that there’s something exciting out there for me too.

And that, my friends, is an example of how one never knows how one human may touch another human’s soul and psyche without even realizing it. How what you say or what you do, may indirectly affect and ripple outward to others. So, let your words and your actions be kind, for you never know.

To my friend, thank you. ❤

Sometimes, you find yourself amazed at how some little inconsequential thing to you means so much more to someone else. I am often reminded of this when talking to my boys, they will remember some unmemorable event, some simple thing that we once did together or said or laughed about and cling to it. To them, it has significance far beyond the thing itself – it is tied with a memory of some type which has taken root in their brain. Often, we don’t even remember the event, or even the day, we have filed it under inconsequential, unmemorable.

You never know the impact you have on someone or what some little thing that you might have offhandedly forgotten all about might have on someone else. Don’t discount that what you do or didn’t do for someone didn’t matter or was insignificant. Simple innocuous acts can ripple and have effects that you never thought imaginable.

Tonight, we were at a meeting at someone’s house when it was interrupted by a stranger at the person’s door, asking for a ride into town because his vehicle was not able to be driven. While the stranger was unrecognizable to us, we later learned that he was a classmate of one of our boys, a child that we had met only a couple times and who had been over to our house several years for literally two times. Neither was eventful, your typical play date. As I drove home I was struck by the fact that this child, on the verge of adulthood, whom I no longer recognized, immediately recognized us, the parents, calling us by name. It sent chills up my spine that two seemingly insignificant afternoons at my house more than 3 years ago caused this child who I haven’t seen since, to remember us. What had we done that had caused him to immediately recall us? What impact did our severely limited contact with this boy have that he would recognize and recall us after such a long period? Makes you wonder. He was no different than the dozens of kids that have graced our threshold since and was treated no differently. Makes me wonder. What happened on those two visits was evidently enough to trigger a quick and solid recollection when he saw us despite his distress.

When I think back into my own memories, I recall things that may have happened so long ago, but are as clear as if they happened only yesterday. Are those memories,which are so clear still in my mind because of the way I was treated or mistreated, forgotten in someone else’s?

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ~~Scott Adams

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Well yesterday, TJ got his cast on. He really is quite happy for a kid with a broken wrist. The cast gives him back some of the use of his right hand and being right handed, this is huge. And pink. It’s amazing that in less than 3 hours, it was completely covered in signatures from his friends, teammates, teachers and coach. So nice to see him smile again. I missed that. And he will be able to play again starting next week, so he is thrilled about that. It is relieving to know that the fall didn’t kill his enthusiasm to play, which I was afraid it might do. Evidently, not at all. 


I heard a really nice thing yesterday which made me proud of my little guy. One of TJ’s best friends had pulled his hamstring during a soccer game. TJ ran out onto the field and carried his friend off the field with the coach. A small, simple task which came naturally to my son yet evidently meant a whole lot to his friend, who still speaks of it. When TJ broke his wrist, his friend remembered the small telling gesture and reciprocated.  

Another kind note, was our friends who own a cabin next to ours were coming up for the weekend. They offered to bring up a sushi dinner for the four of us to share for my birthday. Considering the week that Tom and I had, this was another small gesture (with an awesome amount of delicious food) that meant more to me after such a crazy week than they knew. A couple hours to relax with friends over a meal that I didn’t have to cook but was at “home” and not out, was big. Small gestures that speak volumes. Perhaps we all need to remember that kindness, friendship and generosity do not need to be grand because those things that are really small, but from the heart, mean more than you know sometimes.

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