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Hard to believe there is such a stark difference.

Seedlings are growing indoors. I have blossoms on my pea plants. Raspberry bushes that we planted indoors are throwing shoots up like mad, yearning to be put in the ground and spread out.

Daffodils are up in the full bloom at the bottom of the hill where the grass is green.

This morning, the Fed Ex guy and I were talking when he dropped off a package at our house and he told me that a friend in Killington sent him pictures of snow from last night….. 8 1/2 inches fell on the guy’s car and he saw the pictures (as my TJ would say “pictures or it didn’t happen”) to confirm it. There is more snow forecast for tonight in the higher elevations.

Snow, spring, seedlings, showers, flowers, sunshine — as they would say on a favorite children’s show “one of these things just doesn’t belong




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I was just reading about disc golf – which appears to be the legitimatization of frisbee. Evidently, it is available to play at Base Camp Outfitters in Killington which has an official Disc Golf Course (I kid you not, there is really such a thing as well as a Professional Disc Golf Association). The discs, are smaller than frisbees and like golf clubs, there are evidently different discs for differing situations one may find oneself in. The object is basically to traverse the course in the least number of throws, getting your disc into the metal basket.

The new 18 hole disc golf course opens tomorrow at Killington. It is $5 to play and rental discs are available.

Here’s video that explains the finer side of disc golfing. It looks like fun and might have to go on the “to do” list.

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This picture just about sums up the conclusion to this weekend. I put my camera on the table to download the pictures from the snowstorm that I took today and noticed that the viewfinder had the perfect shot – the trail map from Killington that the boys poured over like gold was hidden somewhere in there and the fire in the background, which kept us all warm and cozy through this week, with its wild windy lows and its crazy snows.

The New Year’s holiday has been a blur. A good blur, but still a blur. Lots of family, friends, food, laughter. We celebrated Christmas with my family when they all arrived which was very nice.

New Year’s Eve was celebrated with friends. A got a very nice visit that morning from Patty of Where Did the Time Go? blog which is always fun when she is in my neck of the woods (hopefully soon I’ll be able to stop in on her world) and then the snow which started that morning continued all of New Year’s Eve…. and continued all of New Year’s Day …. and continued on Saturday ….and continued on Sunday morning, when things looked like this:

And was still continuing when we sent our guests off with hugs, kisses and bellies full of pancakes with maple syrup and sausage and our neighbor’s bacon and our eggs…. and it continued while we disassembled Christmas from our house… and it continued while we ran to the store to get lunch stuff and dinner …. and it continued still into the evening hours when the boys were set off to bed with dreams of a delayed opening in their little heads.

Welcome to winter….. Vermont style.

It’s a very chilly crisp cold morning here on the hill. It is very clear though. The temperatures dropped from 43 yesterday afternoon to 14 this morning. It’s been colder here and will be later this week, but whenever there is a drastic drop, it always feels cold. We’ll be venturing out shortly to let goats out but here’s a picture from our living room window (I know, I am a chicken before I’ve had my coffee). The view is of both Pico and Killington peaks. Killington is the one to the right, Pico on the left. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

P1100483My trip up to Killington this morning saved me about $2,500. Not bad for a 40 minute drive, don’t you think? Killington offers this program, called the Academic Excellence Program to Vermont school children through 12th grade. If a student receives honors for at least 2 of the 4 marking periods for the previous school year, they are entitled to a free unlimited Pico Pass. For $99 more, they are entitled to upgrade to an unlimited Killington/Pico pass. That pass, which contains no blackout dates whatsoever, is valued for their age group at $949 plus tax. Figure that times three and that’s how the roughly $2,500 savings is calculated. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t ready to run out and buy our boys Killington passes, but they did have unlimited Pico passes for this year which we purchased at the end of last year for a great deal. The folks at Killington refunded the difference between that pass cost and the $99 upgrade fee, making a deal almost too good to resist. The boys will be thrilled, considering that it is something that they would not have been able to have if they didn’t earn it. Kudos to Killington to reward academic achievement and provide incentive to kids to do well. It is a great idea and a great incentive. My boys are already hard at work in school to make sure that they secure their passes for next winter as well. Killington, which is marketing itself as The Beast of the East this year, is certainly showing that Honors gets the Beast.

Here’s a picture from our porch of the snow on Killington Peak. Winter is coming, folks – better get ready!


Today was a busy day. The boys had a scout bottle drive around town and at the transfer station from 8-12. Tim had a guitar lesson from 9-10 and then the boys had to grab a quick lunch and head over to Kent Pond in Killington for brush-up on their canoeing skills in anticipation of their big trip next weekend.

We’re back home and I’m exhausted. They, however, seem to have endless energy. Maybe I didn’t get enough coffee this morning.

Here are some pictures.





And here is the supervisor for the afternoon……


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