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No matter how old or young you are, it always helps to have someone to look up to. Not being particularly athletic myself in my school days, sports were not a big part of our girl, girl, boy family. I, being the oldest, didn’t particularly like sports since I wasn’t very good at it and it wasn’t something that my parents really promoted. Our boys, now all are playing school soccer this fall after having played recreation league indoor and spring soccer. My youngest and oldest also played on the rec leagues prior to the indoor winter session this year. Their teams were groups of boys from all over the area, and in spring, a co-ed team for the older two boys, comprised of the same make-up. Perhaps part of it was that we were new to the area and didn’t know a lot of these kids, who appeared to have been playing together in the rec league for years. It was apparent from viewing games, that all the other parents knew all the kids on the team.

This year, my oldest is playing JV soccer after having played in 8th grade last year at school. I am happy to see that he is happy about being a part of the team. The coach is wonderful about incorporating a “team” spirit into everything that they do. The boys all need to come and go to each away game on the bus, so these kids are spending a lot of quality time together, counting travel and practice.  Last night was the JV team and the varsity team’s first games. The teams were leaving at 3:30 for a 5:30 JV game in Bennington followed by a 7:30 Varsity game. One of the downsides to living in the country I have determined is the fact that the various teams at this level (high school) are quite a way away since most of the high schools and middle schools in these parts are regionalized. The scrimmage last week was in Randolph and its pretty bad when you have to look up the town on the map because you have absolutely no idea where it is located. The drive from here to Bennington is about an hour. JV played first and then varsity. Of course the boys had to eat so a pit stop at a fast food restaurant after the game was mandatory. TJ’s team (JV) tied their game and the varsity team won 4-2 in an apparent last couple minutes victory. The end result of this was that I was picking up my 14 year old at 11 p.m. on a school night. We weren’t thrilled about the prospect of that but I do have to admit hearing him go on and on about this varsity player and that on the ride home with such admiration in his voice definitely made it apparent that he had a blast – the team spirit has infected my boy it makes me happy. Not having had that growing up myself, I am glad to see him “fit in”. The boys he is playing with have been touted on more than one occasion as “fine young men” and seem to live up to that reputation. Having someone to look up to is important, no matter the stage in life, and probably more so when you are only 14. Was it worth waiting in a parking lot at almost 11 last night for a bus to arrive from Bennington? Yes, I think so and I learned one important lesson last night – evidently winners eat at Taco Bell.


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