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Yesterday, the first full non-work day that the boys were gone, we got a lot accomplished and had a really nice day together. We were up early running errands, visiting the Farmer’s Market and enjoying empanadas for breakfast and then coming back here to get some yard and garden work accomplished.

Even Jinx was exhausted from all the work ……


For the past few days, we’ve noticed that the newspaper has made its way from the entrance of our driveway to the steps by the door. At first, I figured that our neighbor who plows for us, must have seen it and threw it in the area of our door as he plowed the driveway. Yet, the days he didn’t plow the paper still mysteriously made its way from the end of the driveway to just by the steps.

The mystery was solved when TJ commented that he noticed that the dog has been picking up the paper and dropping it by the steps. Once, we figured was a freak accident. She saw the bag in the snow and picked it up, she is after all a retriever. Yet it has continued to happen.

So, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Heck, who says an old dog can’t teach herself new tricks?

Bagels! It’s bagels! — At least that is what we think goes through Jinx’s mind every time I make bagels. Close your eyes and say it the way the dog says it in the Beggin’s Strips commercial. The first time that I made bagels, I left them in a bowl on the counter and we came down the next morning to an empty bowl. There is no way that the dog could eat a dozen bagels – she’ll explode, I thought. But we searched high and low around the floor in the kitchen and the den where she slept and nothing — sure enough she must have eaten a dozen bagels. Later that day, when the boys came home and one of them went to sit down on the couch in the living room, what did he discover under his bottom? Much like the Princess and the Pea he found it uncomfortable due to a ….can you guess? Bagel. Move the pillows on the couch and what’s there — a couple more bagels. Seems that the dog only ate about half the bagels and saw fit to store the others around the house for “later”.

Now, when I make bagels, like these

we’re sure to put them up high and away from the dog.

The recipe for these bagels is from The Food Network. I tried a few different recipes and these are the simplest and the ones that seem to come out the best – they rise well and are crunchy but light, not chewy.

This week we have been dealing with a neurotic dog. One of the boys let our lab, Jinx out to the bathroom Sunday evening. Well, boys being boys when Tom and I were headed off to bed, we realized that Jinx was missing. She was still outside, on the porch. We let her in, she went to bed and so did we, nothing unusual there. The next morning though, she wouldn’t go out. I mean no way this dog wasn’t budging. All 82 pounds of her was refusing to go anywhere near the door. We have an electric collar for her, so no leash is needed to let her out to the yard, but Monday morning it required getting out the leash and dragging and pushing her to get her out the door. This progressed through all of Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and so on. She won’t go out unless one of us is with her and I mean, not standing on the porch while she goes about her business, but literally with her, every step of the way through the yard. Now mind you, this would not be a problem any other time of the year, but this week, temperatures here have hovered around zero and with the wind chill have been well below. Not a good week for a dog to need you to accompany her to attend to her bodily functions. Best we can figure is that something scared the begeebers out of her. A neighbor said that Sunday night she heard coyotes like mad howling right around the same time, we didn’t hear it, but maybe Jinx outside at the time, did. Maybe it was a bear, although we think that unlikely since they should know that they should be hibernating. Whatever it was she needs a human security blanket to go outside and the five of us are it.

And for those of you wondering, the neurotic behavior started well after this photograph was taken during the summer, so sorry but the hat has not caused the problem. Good try though.

simple-woman-daybook-smallFOR TODAY AUGUST 13, 2009…
Outside my window…It’s sunny
I am thinking…that I have to finish up some work stuff that I really don’t want to do since I’m not happy with them.
I am thankful for…The boys not giving me a hard time this week while Tom is away.
From the kitchen…The coffee is brewing.
I am wearing…Grey shorts, a black tee shirt and flip flops.
I am creating…this post.
I am going…nowhere this morning and then all over Rutland this afternoon with kids.
I am reading…The Time Traveler’s Wife
I am hoping…that someone needs me.
I am hearing…the coffee brewing and the birds singing.
Around the house…kids are starting to stir.
One of my favorite things…snuggling with my husband which I haven’t had a chance to do much in these last two weeks.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting everything gathered and in order for vacation next week.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…DSCN4859

A well dressed lab named Jinx – (Lou be thankful it’s not your picture 😉  )

Thanks to The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Evilwife on the move

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