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This year, as most years, the guys celebrate their birthday together. It has affectionately come to be known as the “I have a dream weekend” because the guys’ birthday usually falls on or very close to MLK Day. This year was no exception to the celebration.

Here are some of the photos and yes, the cake had a lot of candles on it — 100 to be exact, courtesy of our very patient children who placed and lit each and every one.

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Ah… the pressure. Valentine’s Day is a day both anticipated and dreaded. Single folks lament their lack of love, couples rack their brains trying to outdo each other and those around them in demonstrations of affection and love. Restaurants are booked to the nines with couples looking to share a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day. Silly people. While I wouldn’t turn down a beautiful bouquet of some pastel colored flower (red is not my personal favorite for roses), I do have to admit that there is a great deal of time and money and anxiety surrounding this holiday. We have personally witnessed the angst of a poor guy who didn’t really think that he needed reservations on Valentine’s Day and we (the group of friends who decided that going out together on Valentine’s Day was fun) kindly offered he and his date the two empty seats we had at our table when our reservation got called. It turned out to be a fun evening, probably one of the more delightful Valentine’s Days we’ve spent.

Valentine’s Day should be but one day in a year, or if you’re lucky – a lifetime of love, flowers and chocolate (probably in that order although there are days that I might shuffle it around a bit).

I am lucky to have a husband that I love and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I am lucky to have three adorably handsome healthy young men. Flowers will die and chocolate will be eaten, yet these gifts will remain.

May you enjoy your Valentine’s Day however you wish to spend it, and remember it is but one of 365 days. How those that care for you treat you the rest of year really is more important than what happens on just one day -even if you do spend most of it in a car – driving kids around like I did.

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Five things I am grateful for today:

1. Lunch dates with my husband – something we never got to do in NJ.

2. Exploring areas we have never been

3. Cocktail hour 

4. Fuzzy goats

5. Quiet boys

dscn353928 years and 12 days ago, I had a date with someone that would change me and my life, forever. This person has made me a better person, made me laugh when I thought I wanted to cry, let me cry when I needed to and held me tight and somehow always found a way to make things better. He gave me four of the best days of my life (my wedding, the births of my three sons) and so many, many more days that are too numerous to count. While life isn’t always rosy, it is always an adventure. And I am better person for knowing him. I can’t think of anyone I would rather grow old and gray with than him. Happy Birthday Tom!

We were discussing changing over our licenses and registrations to our new state and getting officially settled in here. While I have been all for getting a Vermont driver’s license, now that it is actually going to happen, I am suffering second thoughts. Not that I don’t love Vermont and the thought of living here and all that, but I hate change and I have had my NJ driver’s license since I was 17 which is getting to be more years than I want to count and certainly much more than half of my life. So …… that got me thinking about how I really am slow to change things and usually second and third guess myself over doing or not doing them especially when they are important decisions or life changing ones or irreversible (which getting a new license hardly can be considered to anyone else but little ol’ me). Then it struck me….. the absolute only decision that I can think I ever made that I was one hundred percent absolutely sure and NEVER had any doubt about was my decision to marry Tom. Never, not even for one second prior to our marriage did I wonder if I was doing the right thing, if I should wait or shouldn’t wait or anything like that. And when that struck me I started crying…. (at least I was driving and alone at the time, so other than an occasional passing driver, no one would think that I had completely lost my mind) For me, this was a real epiphany of sorts. Marrying my husband was the one decision in my adult life of consequence that I didn’t agonize over or wonder about for even a split second. Pretty cool, huh for a woman that can’t decide what to have for dinner. 

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