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Yesterday, Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. The weather was absolutely wonderfully spring-like and warm. It was made better because I was able to spend it with my sweetie, two of my three boys, my youngest nephew, my sister and my brother-in-law.

We were able to celebrate Tyler’s birthday on Saturday after the Easter Vigil mass where Tim did the readings.

 Sunday afternoon I went for a nice long walk with my dog, getting a nice dose of sunshine and endorphins. All in all, a good day, a nice weekend and a chance to do some community service with my Rotary club.

Since I have moved here, I have been truly blessed to have some wonderful people come into my life. People who inspire me to make our world a better place and give me the faith that there really are good souls in the world despite how our mass media constantly blankets us in the ugly and the horrific nature of our fellow humans.

A group of community members and teenagers came together to help make our town a better place, to instill some beauty into our little corner of the world. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Most of these folks I met as members of my Rotary club, which I will proudly assume the reins of president for in a few months. These folks, like many others in the community where I live, try to make the world a better place and truly embody the Rotary motto of “service above self”. I am proud to be counted among their ranks.

To perfectly top off the wonderful weekend that it was, I noticed that spring has truly come to the hill. My first crocus not only sprouted forth from the depths of its winter slumber but found the warm of the sun sufficient to bloom – sharing its beautiful colors with me.

 I hope you find the time to make your world a better place, “do good and so good will come to you.” Happy Monday. 


Welcome back to an old friend. Our friend and neighbor, Tom French, who suffered a stroke six months ago is back here on the Hill. It is so nice to see the Mayor back on the hill. A welcome sight, if even for a short while, although I know that we will see him traveling to and fro with such a wide, warm circle of friends, relatives and neighbors to look out for him and make the transition back to Vermont smooth.

He is anxiously looking forward to his party on August 22nd, as are we all.

Welcome home, Tom. It is good to have you back on the Hill. Laura, please let us know how we can make Tom’s transition back to Vermont a little easier on all of you. It would be both a pleasure and an honor to give a hand.

It is a beautiful, almost spring day. It was about 50 degrees, the sun was shining, it was warm. A great day to grab some sun and be outside. So…what’s wrong with this picture, you ask?

Something here just doesn’t belong. Maybe it’s this….

Or this….

Or maybe even this…..

On our hill here in Vermont spring seems a little far away these days……………

Baby, it’s cold outside. The weatherlore about it being the coldest either immediately before or immediately after a January thaw is pretty accurate. At least this year, it is.  We have had temperatures in the zero to below zero range along with wind chills approaching -35. Today the high was supposed to be 8 degrees and while it might have hit that in Rutland, here on the hill the temperatures hovered around zero, give or take a degree.

I just came in from a walk (a rather brisk walk since it is so cold out) and tried to get Tyler to go with me. He insisted that he might freeze to death (highly unlikely when we were only walking 1/2 mile total) but he assured me that if I didn’t come back, he would assume that I had frozen to death and send his father, when he got home. Comforting, isn’t it?

We are fortunate to have good friends and neighbors. The days leading up to and Christmas were made especially nice by the constant interaction between us all here on the hill. Baked goods were exchanged back and forth with some yummy results, doorbells rang with wishes of good cheer and Merry Christmas. It is very nice to experience Christmas with a group of people who you care about and knowing that the feeling is reciprocal. While the flow of children is ever – present in our house, something about Christmas makes it all the more special. We are very lucky to have such good friends and neighbors which makes living here in Vermont all that much more special. 

I think that one of the reasons that Christmas time holds a special place in my heart is that it was my dad’s favorite holiday. He was like the biggest of all the kids and Christmas was definitely when he had the most fun. Some of my fondest memories are Christmases growing up. I always think of him this time of the year. He would love it here and be very proud of us and our wonderful friends and neighbors. 

Tom made me sad today, he was relaying a conversation he had with his father, reminding him that in 7 years all my boys would be grown and gone off to college. It seems like such a short time and makes me feel so…..OLD and SAD. Bummer.

The calendar still says its fall. A look out the window clearly tells you that the hill where we live here in Vermont does not believe in the calendar. Winter has arrived. We have not had any “major” snow, but everyday there are flurries, which keep accumulating. The other day when things got warmer outside, into the 40s, we were guaranteed that the night would be cold and the slush which had accumulated everywhere would turn into ice, not just ice, not black ice, but rut ice. The tire marks and footprints and paw prints that were in the slush froze immortalized in time for now. Now when you drive out of the driveway and onto the road, you travel where others have gone before you, merely because of the rut ice and the fact that you have absolutely no choice in the matter.

According to the calendar, winter is still weeks away, but not here on the hill. It is rather amusing that you leave here all bundled and scarved and mittened and by the time you reach the bottom of the hill, the snow is gone and by the time you reach the town 6 miles to the bottom from our house, you would agree with the calendar and believe that it really, truly is still autumn.  But here, on the hill, we live in a different world and evidently a different weather pattern as well.  And I like that. 🙂

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