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I have been driving the same stretch of Route 103 at least twice a day, usually more like three times a day for the past week or so due to the boys’ schedules with driver’s ed classes and driving, soccer and camp. In any event the beginning of the week I was driving past this one gravel pull-off and spotted four chickens all huddled together in the middle of it. My first thought was that I was hallucinating since there is nothing remotely near the pull-off so where would a group of chickens come from? Since I couldn’t just slam on the brakes and I didn’t want to bear the wrath of children left waiting in a parking area, I paid close attention on the way back. Yes, my eyes had not betrayed me, there were indeed chickens at that pull-off. Over the next couple days I would keep a watch and see if they were still there, even pulling over one day to look under the bushes and see if they were still holding out in this location. Yup, they were there, two bantams and two full sized chickens, one of which appeared to be a rooster. Tom and I wandered over there later that day, armed with a sheet, a kennel and lots of cracked corn. When we arrived at the pull-off there was another vehicle there, thinking similar thoughts to try to rescue the evidently abandoned chickens before they met an untimely death by either predator or truck – neither was a pretty picture.

The folks that were there had already captured one of the small bantams and were working on the remaining three. Talk about a sight, four adults holding blankets and sheets wandering around a pull-off in the middle of nowhere – what a picture that must have been. Anyway, the other chickens were spooked and took off into the taller weeds and there was no way to get them out of there. We couldn’t stay all afternoon and headed back with the one chicken.

Talk about adorable! He is soooo tiny. He looks so small next to our regular size chickens.

What we did notice is that he bears a striking resemblance to our rooster, Chickenzilla and this morning we heard this teeny, tiny little crow – more of a squeak really. See the resemblance?

Up close:


Mini Me

We’ve decided to call the new addition “Mini Me” since he is a miniaturized Chickenzilla.


Evilwife on the move

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