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I think that the hardest part of not having kids at home is figuring out how to fill that daily void. For so many years, life revolved around kids’ schedules, kids’ school, in general kids’ lives that it’s hard to figure out me again. 

Since the boys are so close in age, friends used to kid that it seemed like I was pregnant for a very long time. Hard to remember they would say, when you weren’t pregnant. I understand what they meant now. Hard to remember when I wasn’t a mom. I love being a mom. I will always be a mom but now I have “me” time back so I need to dig deep and find my happy place. Things I enjoy doing that aren’t necessarily mom related. 

In this quest, I am trying different things seeing what sticks. One thing that has fallen by the wayside in recent times has been this blog which I started over a decade ago when we moved here. I enjoy writing and promised myself for the new year that I would try my best to post to it every day. 

Some days will be witty and well thought out, other days may be more stream if consciousness and I’m sure some will be purely because I have to write something, kind of like self imposed homework. Whatever the day’s inspiration may be, the overarching reason is that I enjoy it, I think I’m fairly decent at it and it makes me happy. Hopefully those reading it will enjoy it too. Since I also like taking pictures and feel I haven’t been doing enough of that either lately, you’ll see a neat photo to go along with the words I write. These were taken the other morning on my way back from my sunrise Rotary meeting. Everything was frosty and beautiful in the drive up the hill.

I am also starting an online Harvard open class course in my “spare” time. Maybe that will be another day’s post. 


I came across this video over at The Lettered Cottage and just thought that it was absolutely great. Very inspirational and a good thought for a rainy Friday. For everyone out there that could use a Friday afternoon boost (whether it’s raining or not where you are) here it is:

Thanks Layla for the video link – it’s great!

Dean Rutz Seattle Times

Just when you don’t believe in the power of the human spirit and that there really are lots of good-hearted people out there in this world, along comes some “happy” news.

Hundreds of volunteers came together to put on one of the most elaborate Make-A-Wish Foundation‘s wishes ever. In Seattle a little boy, about the same age as my sons, got to save a whole lot of people in his capacity as a superhero and it gave him “the best day of my life.”

Spiderman, the Seattle Sounders, the Seattle Police Department and the Puget Sound Electric Company all contributed to this fantastic wish. You really have to read the whole story, a lot of people with a lot of heart made a wonderful day for a little boy.

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