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It started snowing this morning and there are a few inches on the ground. It has turned everything into a winter wonderland….maybe the department stores with their Christmas decorations before Halloween are onto something after all.


Today marked the first snow of the season. It’s not that wimpy few flakes, no sir-ee Bob, this is the heavy, wet heart attack snow. The snow that when the temperatures drop below freezing tonight (which they are expected to) will freeze all those ruts for us to enjoy for days to come. It’s that kind of snow and right now, it’s transforming everything into a winter wonderland. Don’t like snow, evidently that is not a problem, because if you drive to the bottom of the hill, it’s raining (or at least it was a couple hours ago).

Today also marks the first fire of the season….

The boys came off the bus very excited that it was snowing since it had been raining when they got on the bus at school. They were more than happy to grab wood to start the fire, the first fire of the season is always special, giving that warmth that regular old heat (if it was on) just doesn’t give you.

It’s a good evening to share a cup of tea with my hubby by the fire as the wind howls outside and the lights flicker…chances are we are losing power at some point this evening. One of the perils of living here…but can you really complain when it’s just so darn white and pretty outside?

 We woke this morning (or more appropriately were woken by our youngest son) to the news  that it had snowed. The first snow of the season. Timmy was pretty excited and I must say I  still share in that magic of the first snow. While it is mainly on the grassy surfaces, it still  transforms everything into a winter wonderland. Some say, “Snow? I hate snow” Me, I love the  snow, to me there is absolutely no reason to have cold weather unless we are going to have  snow. Here are some pictures of the world outside our window. Interestingly, the snow (that stuck) was actually only above 1000 feet. We are located at 1600 feet (I know this from my canning since altitude plays an important part in not poisoning your family and friends) and while we have about 2 inches of snow on the ground, there is NOTHING down in town, which is only 6 miles down the hill. Brotherly love at work, TJ woke Tyler by placing a snowball on his face. Now, that’s love!

Looking out the front door

Looking out the front door


Looking up the hill

Looking up the hill

The goats and the chickens weren’t particularly excited about the snow. This is all of their first experience with the white stuff. The chickens were all gathered against the coop and the goats, well, they must have been saying “what happened to all the grass?”


Goats' first experience with the snow


Evilwife on the move

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