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Fall is definitely in the air here in Vermont. The trees are showing what’s left of their yellow, orange and red selves. It’s definitely “putting by” season. We had a definite frost/freeze last night and it’s a good thing that I spent a few days gathering what was left in the garden. However, with the harvest coming the processing, the part that sounds good but is so time consuming. As I type this, celery leaves are drying in the dehydrator, second batch. The first batch of those and a jar of sun dried cherry tomatoes are already stored away. Basil has been pureed with olive oil and frozen into tablespoon size portions to mix in soups or pasta sauces. Potatoes are dug and in the shed, drying so they are easier to dust the dirt from before moving into the basement for storage. The onions, which were picked several weeks ago, are there too, now ready to put by in the basement for fall and winter usage.

A very pleasant surprise were the volunteer tomatillos that were growing in the garden. I was convinced that they would not be ready to harvest, but pleasantly surprised to gather a large basketful, weighing in close to 8 pounds. Some of them have already been roasted with said onions and peppers for a green salsa.

The voles commandeered most of the beet crop but I was able to gather a handful to enjoy. They don’t seem fond of the carrots, but I’m sure that their appetites will change as food becomes scarcer since I’ve harvested most everything else.

DSCN3175I love the autumn — the crisp air, the colorful leaves, the warmth of the wood stove with a cup of tea and a good book. What I don’t like very much is when it’s dark in the morning and then dark again early in the evening. Evidently, I am not alone. The state of Massachusetts is exploring time travel of sorts. Massachusetts’ Bill H4569 creates a legislative commission to study the proposal of moving time in the state of Massachusetts. Rather than remain in the Eastern time zone, the bill charges the commission with exploring the possibility of moving time zones to Atlantic Standard time for a period of four months starting in the middle of November if the proposal was accepted. This would mean that folks in Massachusetts would have light lasting longer into their day. According to the Portland Press Herald, a sort of “sunlight happy hour” while the rest of us are in the dark before we leave our workday behind us during those months. Don’t get all practical on me with things like “it will mess up the rest of us” or “what about business hours and flight schedules, yada yada yada….” A girl can dream can’t she?

Now, if they could just make it so that the hour happened in the morning instead of the evening, I would be totally on board.

Today, with all its beautiful sunshine, makes the colors that are emerging on the trees even more beautiful. It seems that each day the colored foliage is more and more prevalent. Now, the mountains are clearly dotted with yellows, reds and oranges.


The colors are coming on fast and furious. Every day it seems that there is more and more color in the mountains.  There is serious doubt around our house that there will be any leaves really left on the trees for the leaf peepers that arrive on Columbus Day weekend. In fact, taking a look of the wind blowing around today any of those leaves that have already turned are dropping at a high rate of speed from the trees.



Today is one of those autumn days when you know that fall has reached its peak. You don’t need a weather forecaster or foliage specialist to let you know that we are on the spiral to winter.

Most of the leaves up on the hill are making their way from their home in the branches to the ground where they create a colorful fall carpet and make the wonderful rustling noises that make you unable to resist dragging your feet through the leaves as you walk along. Today it is raining, off and on, and the leaves are falling from the trees like snow. It won’t be long before the trees up here are bare.

Color is about as good as it is going to get, it is almost bursting with yellows, oranges and reds. The surrounding mountains are speckled with the colors of fall.








“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” 
Lauren DeStefano

Happy Autumn!

Today at 4:44 p.m. EDT – just a little while ago as I write this post, autumn rolled in. In these last few days, the leaves have really started to take on color and the mountains are starting to become dotted with the yellows, oranges and reds that traditionally herald fall foliage.

I have to admit that fall is one of my favorite seasons. There is a crisp smell to the air and a chill in the morning and evening air. It’s the beginning of sweater weather and during the fall days the sunshine feels just so wonderful on your face.

This has been a nice, relaxed weekend. I had a fun day yesterday taking some pictures for a friend and getting to walk around outside enjoying the beginnings of the fall foliage season.

Today, I have been baking, making some autumn treats — pumpkin granola bars and pumpkin granola. There are apples in a basket on the table and every visit to the Saturday’s farmer’s market makes you appreciate the fruits and vegetables of summer which will be disappearing all too soon.

Hope in the coming days, you take the time to enjoy the autumn weather if you are fortunate enough to have turning leaves and crisp nights in your neck of the woods.

TJ leaves on Friday for college. We are in the countdown phase for sure. This past week, the UPS guy and the FedEx guy have been making almost daily stops to our house, delivering in drips and drabs various components of TJ’s new life away from home. Each delivery brings with it another dose of reality that things will be very different around here next week this time.  Nonetheless, I am putting on my big girl panties and keeping a brave face. This is not the end, but the beginning.

He will be off to a new adventure for which I hope we have prepared him well. At least, it seems judging by the boxes and foot lockers strewn around the house, he will be well packed.

I really hate waking up in the dark. Soon, when the clocks go back, it will be even darker (if that is possible) in the morning when I have to get up. There really is something more difficult about prying yourself out of bed when it is something akin to the middle of the night.

But, since I am trying to not complain these days and look to the bright side, here it is.

When you are up while it is still pitch black out, you do have the opportunity–each and every day- to watch the sun rise over the mountains. Now, that in and of itself, is a good reason to pry yourself out of bed in the darkness, don’t you think ?

Rainy weekends are usually lazy weekends around here. You can’t feel guilty about not getting things done because there’s not much outdoor work be done in the rain — well, technically I guess you could, but I’m not feeling that motivated. We took a drive, with our chauffeur, down to Bob’s Diner for a Sunday brunch taking the scenic drive through Londonderry.



Then, when we got back we took a walk in the woods.






We were hiking through the trails in the woods cleaning them up in preparation for CROSS COUNTRY SKIING! Yes, it is getting close to that time of the year!




Okay, so maybe I wasn’t doing quite as much cleaning up as Tom, but hey I did get him to smile for his picture!



Although today was about 80, it’s coming. Without a doubt. Today was the last day that the lake is open. As we were driving back from the hardware store, we saw this…..clear as day…..fall is coming.


In or own yard, the trees are turning……


And so we ask the question……..Can winter be far behind?

The time change would stress me out as a child. I was always fearful, especially in the spring, that I would be late. I have issues with being on time, can you tell? I was always afraid that somehow the clocks would get screwed up and things would be out of sync and …..well anyway you get the idea, I gather I was a bit of a neurotic child. When the clocks “fell back” in the fall, it was always a different things, much less stressed out, much more relaxed. If time got messed up, the worst that could happen was that I would be the one that was early, and that was so much more reasonable in my little mind.

Grandfather Clock Face

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Now, time seems to have taken on a different dimension in my life. I’m usually the one to change the clocks so I can rest easy knowing that it’s done and for the most part, everything electronic resets itself. Getting the extra hour of sleep on a fall morning is great, especially when our plans worked out that we have no particular place to be this morning, we attended mass yesterday afternoon and we therefore have planned for a lazy day. Laying in bed for a few extra minutes and not feeling stressed about anything…..a good way to start a Sunday morning.

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As I was walking back from surveying the pumpkins, I saw these two apples just perfectly cradled in the crook of one of the apple trees. The apples had evidently just fallen this way.

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