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Okay, so I have been doing a bit of internet research on Elidel in trying to determine if I should use it despite the black box FDA warning on the package about lymph and skin cancer. The general consensus is that the debate is ongoing and there isn’t conclusive evidence either way. Of course, that isn’t particularly reassuring. I have read that it is prescribed quite frequently and short term exposure isn’t necessarily bad. Well, at least that anyone really knows. Maybe I will give it a try….I think I will sleep on it and decide.

In doing the research however I did come across some interesting information about detergents and eczema. There is a great amount of research out there for infant and child related eczema and its relationship to detergents, not just in laundry detergent, but also in shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap, and fabric softener. Evidently to remove all traces of detergent from your home is essentially almost a near impossibility. But the article was quite interesting about the difference between soap and detergent. Just because a product is labeled “soap” does not mean that it is “soap”, in fact most soaps are actually detergents. There are very few soaps out there. Soap is a product manufactured from a vegetable or animal base whereas anything labeled detergent is petroleum based. Those Evil Oil Companies are screwing with my skin!! It is truly impressive how many things are tied to oil/petroleum. In fact, even Ivory Snow (that baby detergent that is supposed to be pure) is no longer detergent-free.

I may go on a quest to minimize my exposure to detergents. Most of what I read did say that an elimination or at least minimal use of detergents in all aspects of your daily routine, can make a drastic impact on eczema flareups.  This news is somewhat encouraging. 

I am however, not giving up my bleach compresses.


This week was particularly discouraging. My visit to the doctor disclosed good news about my blood work. I have developed nothing tragedic aside from the Mediterranean Anemia that I know I have but every doctor who ever does bloodwork is startled by. Unfortunately, nothing in the bloodwork gave any clues as to what’s up with my leg, which has resurfaced its itchy head this week. Stress? Could be, some work related issues that I have to deal with. I have a dermatologist appointment next week. My doctor prescribed Elidel. I filled the prescription but basically got the wits scared out of me when the First Line of the patient information had in all caps THIS MEDICATION HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SKIN CANCER. She says that I should try it for a couple days because that is what the dermatologist is going to prescribe. I personally am particularly attached to my life and really have no desire to take known chances with it. I am perplexed as to what I should do….. I will however continue to bleach my leg, the bleach compresses appeared to be working before. I am hopeful that they will continue and clear it up again.It was kind of nice for the few days that it was completely gone to feel normal again…..well whatever “normal” is.

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