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The state of New Columbia. Yesterday, the voters in the District of Columbia were given the opportunity to decide if they wish to become the 51st state in our union. According to the voters in the District of Columbia they voted 79% in favor of a petition requesting that Congress vote to permit Washington DC to become the 51st state. Yesterday DC voters said that they want (1) the State of New Columbia to be recognized by Congress as the 51st state in the union; (2) the approval of a state constitution; (3) the approval of the boundaries of the proposed new state; and (4) approval of elected representatives for the new state.

The approved petition will now be taken by the DC mayor to Congress with the hope that it will be presented on or before Inauguration Day for consideration. DC voters who do get three electoral votes have no representation in Congress. They hope that will change and that this petition for statehood is approved.


Here in Vermont this morning, we are no closer to having a new governor than we were last night when everyone went to bed. Seems that in New England, no one rushes anyone. There were reports last evening that one town clerk flat out said that she was only counting ballots until 10 p.m. and then locking them all away in the vault so she could go home. The remaining ballots would be counted today when she came to work. She would report the results Wednesday, there was no rush. No rush, after all – life is too short. As of this morning there are at least approximately 20 towns that have not turned in election results. Everyone, especially the candidates are anxious for results, but it seems that some people just will not be rushed.

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No matter who you vote for, if you voted yesterday, you helped make history. This election was historic. Our children’s children will be reading about it in social studies one day — for good or for bad. A woman and a black man, one of them was going to hold a position of power in this country that so many of us would never dream possible for them or for any of us. 

We went to vote yesterday and it was definitely different from NJ. No voting machine, not the “old fashioned” kind I remember up until a few years ago, where you actually flipped a switch to register your vote. And definitely no electronic, touch screen digital computer voting machine. No, gotta love the country, we signed in and were handed a paper ballot. An actual paper ballot, fill it in with a pen type ballot. Geez…I must admit I really was stunned. So behind the curtain I went and grabbed the felt black marker attached to the string (I am seriously not kidding here) and filled in the circles for those candidates that I chose. Then I took my paper ballot (can you tell that I am still in shock about the paper part) and placed it into the slot in the ballot box. Okay, that was weird. But still a vote and about as grass roots American as one can get. A room full of locals that I am happy to say I could name a couple of, a bake sale on the first floor by the elementary school kids, how Vermont-ish can you get?

I forget how important this election is to the kids. All of our boys have been following the election in school. Our middle son, has a chart of the United States and had to watch the election results and color the states either red or blue as the votes came through. My youngest (who was at the bake sale) was so anxious to go into the voting booth with either Tom or I that he practically knocked me over as I showed up for my bake sale shift.

Well I don’t personally care for our new president, it is historic nonetheless. It will be interesting to see, while the world seemed behind president-elect Obama that there are those stretching their arms to see how he reacts. Russia has been talking out of both sides of its mouth with its decision to move missiles and its congratulatory wishes for Obama. Mr. Biden said he would be tested and it seems that test may be coming, in one form or another, sooner than they think.

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