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Today was a a whirlwind. The new cleaning woman came today. We decided to terminate the cleaning service that we hired before we lived here full-time. It was a tough decision but it is hard to work in the house with two or three people here cleaning and hard to clean with them since they have a script of cleaning that they perform and then they are off to the next place. We thought that the best decision for us since we are here full-time now is to hire a cleaning person that I would clean with, this way the cleaning twice a month could reflect what really needs to be done. For instance, today, we pulled apart the living room and vacuumed all the furniture, pulled it all out and cleaned behind and underneath each piece, as well as vacuuming down the curtains, window sills, etc. We worked together for 6 hours and got the entire house sparkling clean. It was exhausting but with a good end result. She walked out the door and I was onto making cookies for the 6th grade bake sale along with dinner for the gang since I was the PIC (parent in charge) tonight for Odyssey. Our youngest son, Tim is part of an Odyssey of the Mind team which is in the final countdown to States on March 7th. Needless to say, these kids (who are on mid winter break this week) are working 1-9 during the week and 9-9 on Saturdays. They are required to do all the work and figure out how to do all the work themselves. It is quite a challenge. Tim’s team is doing the Earth Trek problem. They have put a tremendous amount of time and work into their presentation. Fingers crossed for them on March 7th.

Now, exhausted, from a day that went, went, went, I am on an odyssey of my own….to find bed.


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