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Tonight was my first cookie exchange of the weekend, next door at a dear friend’s house. I’ve been attending her cookie exchange since its inception (I think) and even longer than I’ve been living here. Always a fun, enjoyable night with some awesome women.

So….here’s the cookies. A change from my normal chocolate chip cookies.

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Today marks 10 days until Christmas Eve. Oh, the pressure. This week involves a lot of baking — I volunteered to bake for the vocal concert tonight and a crumb cake is in the oven as I type this with two cookies exchanges coming up this weekend. I haven’t yet decided what cookies I will bake for either of the cookie exchanges. I’m guessing that it will be dictated by the time that I have to allot to the tasks when the time comes. I tend to default to chocolate chip cookies when I am pressed for time or too insecure to try something new and different. Besides, it’s the one cookie that I know that my family will eat if it makes a return trip. While there are  a lot of very delicious looking cookies out there, a lot of them involve nuts which eliminates at least one member of the family from enjoying them….which is my opinion is kind of mean, especially during Christmas.

Speaking of the concert, I’m anxiously looking forward to hearing Tim sing his solo this evening. It should indeed be fun.

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Here are pictures of the cookies that I made for my friend Cassie’s annual cookie exchange. The photo shows chocolate crinkles and chocolate chip icebox cookies. I also made chocolate chip cookies – see a theme?

Today is my friend Cassie’s cookie exchange. I don’t recall exactly but I would fathom a guess that we have been doing this for about 6 or so years. A small group of friends gather at her house to exchange the cookies that we’ve baked.

What will I be baking, you ask? Well, I have already made the batter for Chocolate Crinkles which is chilling. I will also be baking a mega ultra batch of chocolate chip cookies, enough to fill our cookie jar here and 3 dozen or so to share.

The boys like lace cookies but they often crumble on me and the end result is a lot of work for a little batch of actually shareable cookies, but I will most likely give it the ol’ college try since that’s a favorite around here and the crumbled parts still taste just as good.

Depending upon how the day goes, I may try another recipe. Not sure which one. There is a chocolate chip shortbread cookie that looks pretty good and an icebox cookie that is also calling to me.

I will try to take pictures and post the recipes for those that I do so this deliciousness can be shared.

Turn up the holiday music, it’s cookie baking day!

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