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The past couple days the road at the bottom of the hill has been closed due to railroad track repairs.  That for us is the easiest and most direct route to Rutland and Ludlow. I have become very accustomed to living here. Driving to get somewhere isn’t really all that big of a deal, however, when a commonly traveled road is closed, it can put a kink in your plans. For instance, one of the boys forgot the other day and for some unknown reason the huge traffic sign indicating that the road was closed from that direction was located about 100 feet from the actual road closure. Not much for notice especially since by that time you have driven the better part of 15 minutes to get to the closed road. Needless to say, he was not a happy boy. Despite attempting to negotiate with the crew working explaining that he lived just on the other side of the closed road, he was forced to turn around drive the 15 minutes down to Route 7 and then into Wallingford and up the other side of the closed road to get home. Not a good time.

As I was driving today, thankfully remembering that the road was closed and actually purposefully driving out of my way in order to go to the post office (which of course happened to be right on the very other side of the road closure) I realized that we do indeed live on a mountain (although we refer to it as a hill) and there aren’t but a few ways to get from one side to the other. Unfortunately, if you are like my son, hopefully you remember before you trek miles essentially on what was for all practical purposes a dead end road and have to turn around.

After traveling to the post office (and double checking that the road was indeed still closed for repairs – because would I have felt stupid if I drove all those extra miles when the road was open) I turned around and cut across the only other way between here and there. In the words of Mr. Frost – the road less traveled (which these past couple days has most likely seen more traffic than normal). It was a very beautiful late summer day.



This afternoon, the sun was perfect and I got out the camera and took these:

P1090930-WM P1090938-WM

How goes it? It goes and with it, my sanity.

These last few weeks, well, they have been in a word — hectic. The den remodeling is getting done, but also getting on my nerves. I feel trapped in my own house.  For example this morning I was up and went to go out into the laundry room to get a head start on the laundry I haven’t been able to do all week, to find the contractor there, working on spackling. It’s like this all the time. Saturday morning and no particular plans, maybe we can lay in bed and “sleep in” just a little, but no, someone has come to work on something. Seems that a house with work being done on it, attracts everyone, they must be able to smell it…..One day I walked in to a room with three men working in it and came back through the door less than ten minutes later to a total of seven men in it, some working, some talking, some just stopped by because I think that men can smell construction like sharks can sense blood. If it wasn’t so funny, I think that I would cry. I can’t complain, the work is getting done, it’s just like I feel like I can’t get a break from it. What I need is a vacation — quite honestly — except that’s a whole other set of issues that I don’t care to discuss.

Maybe I’m just super sensitive. Maybe I’m crazy – there are days when I swear that I am hanging on to my sanity by a thread and I’m dead serious about that.

And just as if everything can’t get bad enough, there’s the whole holiday pressure thing looming like a gigantic monster over our heads. A Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, Christmas dinner, Christmas gift wrapping —sheesh, makes you sick of Christmas already and it’s not even the middle of November.

Add to all of that the fact that my husband will be gone for the better part of two of the four weeks in December and this girl is just about ready to scream…..



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