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Last night we celebrated the last confirmation in our family. Tim celebrated the conclusion of his religious ed classes with his, as he puts it, long awaited confirmation. It was a beautiful ceremony and in keeping with the family tradition, Bishop Matano once again singled out a Heffernan boy to speak with after he confirmed him. First it was TJ, who was the last in line to be confirmed. The Bishop kept him there an extra minute or so, talking to him. Last year, Tyler (who had TJ has his sponsor) also had a little chat with the Bishop during the confirmation process. This year, the Bishop took the time to pause to compliment Tim on his reading during mass and have a few words with him. Seems that tradition comes when you least expect it.

Here are some pictures from the evening.











Last night was confirmation night. Tyler and about sixty or so other candidates were confirmed at St. Peter’s Church in Rutland. TJ was Tyler’s sponsor and it was very nice to see the boys together. I was very proud that TJ stood up for his brother. Last year, TJ was the last candidate confirmed. He and the Bishop had a conversation after he was confirmed, while the entire congregation looked on, making TJ very nervous. This year, Tyler was confident that he was “safe” considering that he was by no means the last one. Evidently, Bishop Matano had other plans though and took the time, after confirming him to ask them both questions. He evidently remembered TJ from last year. It provided us all with some chuckles.


Our church, a small community here in Wallingford, was kind enough to decide to celebrate the confirmation of its five young members. Through a lot of hard work on many people’s part, on Sunday the newly confirmed enjoyed a special mass in which they participated, the May crowning where TJ was given the honor to crown Mary (maybe he was just the tall one) followed by a delicious brunch for everyone in the parish hall. It was a delightful morning despite the rain and many thanks to all those who thought enough to celebrate the newest adult members of the parish.

The young gentlemen in the picture was a First Communion recipient and wonderfully included in the celebration!

The first of our three boys was confirmed last night. As luck would have it, he was the last candidate out of over 65 which gave the Bishop a nice opportunity to chat with him and gave my son a great case of “everyone is watching me”. In any event, it was a beautiful ceremony. The best line, of course, of the night came when we were taking pictures with Bishop Matano and he learned that the other two boys are right behind the oldest for confirmation. His reply: “I’d better go home and eat my Wheaties”. The boys loved it.

It seems as if May will be just a blur. There are a lot of things on the calendar, a lot of running around and a lot of work. Tonight, oldest son makes his Confirmation. Last night was the Odyssey social where the “big kids” (read – my youngest) gave advice and tips to the younger, less experienced teams from Southern Vermont. Wednesday is a bake sale at school (so, yes I need to squeeze in baking today, since later we have a date with the Bishop) and Friday is the Odyssey Rock climbing fundraiser. Throw in the Odyssey Silent Auction, various doctor appointments, checkups, summer camp physicals and forms, preparing to leave for Maryland in three weeks for the World Finals and an early deadline for work and that leaves not a lot of down time.

May just started and already it is a blur. Lots to do.

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