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We are one step closer to severing our physical, but not familial, ties with NJ. We had orthodontic appointments scheduled for the boys for today. While we struggled through last winter, it has become very apparent that winter is just not cooperative when it comes to traveling out of state for doctor (or other) appointments. While our weather was fine, they were forecasting 1-3 inches of snow for NJ. While anyone who lives where it really snows in the winter would laugh, having lived there for all of my life up until last year, I realized that driving into snow down there would be the equivalent of driving into a blizzard up here. Nothing goes smoothly, nothing is plowed correctly, nothing about it is simple. That coupled with boys who flat out pretty much refused to – get this – take the day off from school to go down for the appointments cemented the deal. It is time to look into a Vermont orthodontist. 

While Tyler and Tim are out of braces (Tim still needs Phase 2 when he loses more of his baby teeth) TJ is still in braces – first in and evidently last out.  He is the one who was most adamant about not traveling down for the orthodontist. I think his exactly words were “You’re pretty funny – go down to NJ – I don’t think so, I will have too much work to make up if I am out of school” all said with that “I am a teenager and therefore superior to you – a mere peasant of a parent” attitude. 

They have appointments scheduled and we’ll see how that goes. Tom knows that I have issues with the whole change thing and was kind enough to call our NJ orthodontist to get copies of records sent up here so that the new orthodontist can properly evaluate the TJ’s treatment plan. 

Severing ties is never easy – at least for me. But sometimes you just know it’s time. This was time. While we have to see what he says about TJ, we are thinking that we are at the end of the road with the NJ orthodontist. They are all great there and they will be missed, but not so much that the boys want to drive that far to see them.

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