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The boys are embarking today on a week-long backwoods canoeing adventure in the Northern Woods of Maine. Let’s put it this way – they will be 8 hours from here with no phones, no computers, no connection to the outside world for the better part of a week.

They have done this before, although on their own and not with an organized outfitter, so this will be different from their last trip two years ago in several different respects. All their equipment (canoes, paddles, etc.) will be provided to them when they arrive on base and they will finalize their actual route when they get there (depending on weather, conditions, etc.)

Basically, they are going to Maine to canoe, but they really don’t have a clue themselves exactly where they are going.

Being the mom, I’m nervous, happy and jealous — all rolled into one — I’m sure that they are going to have a wonderful trip — and we’re childless for a week.



One of my favorite things to do with Tom is to go exploring, especially here in Vermont, since who knows what lurks close by? On Sunday, we had a great, relaxing day where we went out for breakfast and on our way back, took a couple turns. We found this beautiful lake which we knew was there but found public access which was a nice surprise.

This is a picture of Lake Ninevah in Mount Holly which is a beautiful lake.


We are discussing the idea of getting a couple of kayaks. Then we can take a lunch break and go paddling. It is close and would provide for a pretty neat lunch break, don’t you think?

Today could be the day. Or tomorrow. We are still waiting to hear but folks in reality, what’s really the difference between 6 or 7 tonight and 5 am. tomorrow? Either way, by this afternoon, the boys all need to be packed, stacked and ready to roll into the great blue yonder.

This morning is the last trip to town. We are getting their snacks and any other last minute things that were missing from their lists. Later, it will be a last once over on the list and the packs to make sure that everyone has everything. Oh, and in there somewhere I have to wash and sew the final patches on the boys’ uniforms. I really, really hate that these patches change frequently — I think that they do it on purpose to make moms insane.

Another sunny day here in Vermont, which is good. It would be really nasty to be doing all of this in downpouring rain. Shhhh. I shouldn’t talk too loud I am sure.

Today we adults had our last committee planning meeting before the Big trip. Details were worked out, maps were strewn about the counter top and plans were discussed. There is some talk of an earlier departure than Saturday morning and we leave that in the capable hands of the two adults who will be driving. If they split the trip, they would camp at a Boyscout camp along the way, which in and of itself is pretty interesting.

Tomorrow is “Shakedown” night where the boys will have their dry bags and contents reviewed and approved by the adult leaders to make sure that everyone is on the same page and has the necessities for the trip.

This morning we spent an hour or so in EMS gathering some necessary equipment for the boys that will hopefully make their trip a little more enjoyable and drier. Then a trip to the bookstore to find a book for oldest son, who doesn’t want to bring his Diary of Miss Jane Pittman (which is reading for English class) with him. That and there was some discussion of putting together a poker game where they would use snacks as poker chips with the deck of cards that they are allowed to bring along. Each boy is permitted to bring a zipped gallon bag of snacks for their journey. We’re shopping for snacks and any last, last minute things that we forgot or absolutely must have, on Friday.

So far, I am still sane…….

In honor of the scheduled shuttle launch this evening, countdown to the canoe trip for the boys. This means that this week will be full of “Mom, where’s my….?” “Mom, I can’t find……” or my very favorite…. “I looked everywhere and it’s gone” (Translation – I am far too lazy to look anywhere, although I did pretend to walk from room to room, claiming that I looked for it, but I swear I honestly never moved or touched ANYTHING).

The boys are headed out, for those that don’t know, to a 6 day 50 mile canoe trip to the northern woods of Maine. 7 1/2 hours worth of driving from our corner of Vermont. They are being led by two fearless adult leaders (who are also evidently blessed with “the patience of a saint” as my grandmother would have said) and the mascot dog. Their journey will be over the river and through the woods and the lake and the reservoir and will undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime for them. They are all (5 boys in all) going for their 50 mile merit badge for scouts.

My merit badge for this trip will come from not killing (or seriously maiming) any child of mine (3 total) that cannot locate the required stuff that I know that they own, but they somehow swear has been eaten by the house prior to departing. So, I will keep you posted. Everyone was armed today with a printout of their list of required “stuff” that they have to bring. They have been warned that they need it ready by Wednesday for a “shakedown” at their last meeting before the trip. I am sure that despite the fact that they have 2 days to do this, we will all be running around like lunatics, screaming and yelling, by Wednesday afternoon and I also swear that stuff will come out of that pack before Saturday morning – requiring more yelling and screaming and tears (did I mention that all of that will be from me?)

Today was a busy day. The boys had a scout bottle drive around town and at the transfer station from 8-12. Tim had a guitar lesson from 9-10 and then the boys had to grab a quick lunch and head over to Kent Pond in Killington for brush-up on their canoeing skills in anticipation of their big trip next weekend.

We’re back home and I’m exhausted. They, however, seem to have endless energy. Maybe I didn’t get enough coffee this morning.

Here are some pictures.





And here is the supervisor for the afternoon……


Today officially starts the camp season at the T’s. Today, our oldest, TJ is off to Smith College for a weeklong computer programming camp with his friend. The two boys attended a similar program as a day camp last year, but this year is sleep-away. The camp is put together by IDTech Camps. They do these type of technology related camps throughout universities across the whole country. I have to say that they do a pretty darn good job, since they take everything into account and the kids have a fantastic time.

Tim is supposed to be working at a peer counselor at a camp for autistic children here in town in another week and then all three boys are off to northern Maine. They are doing a 50 mile canoe trip with their boy scout troop which sounds like it is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. After that, they are off to Scout camp for a week. Then, well, everyone gets to relax until school starts again, which doesn’t seem that very far away now.

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