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“Do a good turn daily” that is the motto of the Boy Scouts. Basically do something each day that is good – good for someone or something in your life. Not bad advice. As I was reading today I came across an article in the New York Times about a couple different organizations that show older citizens that you’re never too old to dream. The article relates how one organization granted a wish to an older, lower income senior who wanted to go back and finish college but didn’t have the money for the required computer and printer.

During the course of reading the article, there was a reference to another site, which offers a pretty neat program, Dining Unexpected Thank You. The founder related that when she was eating out in a diner she came across three elderly women counting their combined monies to pay their dining bill. She tendered the $20 for the bill to the waitress and the women were very happy to have been treated to lunch by a total stranger, making their meal that much more special. The Dining Unexpected Thank You is a program where you can download a card that you can give to a server at a restaurant or diner with monies to cover a bill for a senior citizen diner. The card permits the recipient to know who you are if you wish to disclose that information and comes along with a thank you to the recipient.

While none of us need a piece of paper and a website to do a good turn for someone, it’s a nice reminder that maybe our generosity (be it monetary or otherwise) may make a difference in someone’s day.

Enjoy your Friday!

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It’s back from work we go. Here are pictures of the scouts coming out of the forest after completing 2 hours of conservation work toward their 50 miler award.


Today officially starts the camp season at the T’s. Today, our oldest, TJ is off to Smith College for a weeklong computer programming camp with his friend. The two boys attended a similar program as a day camp last year, but this year is sleep-away. The camp is put together by IDTech Camps. They do these type of technology related camps throughout universities across the whole country. I have to say that they do a pretty darn good job, since they take everything into account and the kids have a fantastic time.

Tim is supposed to be working at a peer counselor at a camp for autistic children here in town in another week and then all three boys are off to northern Maine. They are doing a 50 mile canoe trip with their boy scout troop which sounds like it is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. After that, they are off to Scout camp for a week. Then, well, everyone gets to relax until school starts again, which doesn’t seem that very far away now.


Our two oldest boys were inducted into the Order of the Arrow during their Ordeal this weekend. While the details must remain secret (I can’t tell you or I’ll have to kill you seems to be the motto), us parents did get the inside scoop but little Tim can’t know since he may be eligible next year and that would ruin all the fun for him.

The Order of the Arrow is the national honor society of scouting. It recognizes those scouts that are elected by their peers as exemplifying scouting ideals. The boys were given their sashes last night and wore them home proudly this morning.

Tuesday night was the holiday concert at the elementary school and Tim wowed the audience once again as his part of “the Fool” in the play. He is our little actor and it was pretty neat to hear the whispers of parents, “he’s good”.  Tonight the boys went together with their troop (and us) Christmas caroling. Pretty darn Norman Rockwell, Christmas caroling by lantern in the dark with hot cocoa and treats afterward. It was pretty cool and I think that the boys had a good time as well. Tomorrow is tree decorating at the Heffernan house so the rest of the house will be decked out. Saturday is my friend Cassie’s annual christmas cookie swap, so lots of baking. Tomorrow is also Tim’s Christmas Luncheon for parents and grandparents at school as well as his Christmas party since some of the teachers and students at the school are hoping that Friday’s predicted Nor’Easter will give them a snow day. Highly doubtful but, hey, you never know.

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