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Today the weather went from this

to this by dinner time.

We had a great dinner (a treat from Tom) on the edge of Lake Bomoseen at the Lakehouse Pub & Grille. The boys especially liked the dinner entertainment.

But the view just couldn’t be beat.


There are after all thirty or thirty-one days in each month, depending on the month. Why then, do tell, is it that everything has to fall on the same darn day? For example, tomorrow is July 1st – tomorrow we have:

3:30 – 8 p.m. Picnic for Tim’s Odyssey team at Lake Bomoseen (which is about 35 minutes from our house)

5 p.m. Tim’s interview for peer counseling here in town

7 p.m. Tim’s Board of Review for his First Class at scouts

-Wait, it appears that tomorrow should really be re-named “It’s all about Tim” day. Okay, that’s really beside the point. The point is that we basically have to be in three places on the same date almost simultaneously and the following day, July 2nd, not so much. The same thing applies in August. We leave on vacation the same day that our oldest has his first soccer practice and come home the day that the other two start soccer practice. Amazing. The only vacation this year and it has to conflict with something.

So, at some point, decisions have to be made, priorities established. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be crappy. Crappy like not just rain, but heavy rain and thunderstorms. I have been assured that the picnic is a go – no matter the weather. Personally, though it is not very appealing to drive 35 or so minutes to hang out in the pouring rain by a lake in the middle of a thunderstorm. So…… if the weather stays true to the forecast, we will likely not make the drive to the lake so Tim can instead do his board of review for scouts and have his First Class for Scout camp at the end of the month. Plus, I don’t want him to miss the interview for the peer counseling, it is something that I think he would be very, very good at and well suited to do. So… again, the hard choices but we are only one family unit and something’s gotta give.

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