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Rainy weekends are usually lazy weekends around here. You can’t feel guilty about not getting things done because there’s not much outdoor work be done in the rain — well, technically I guess you could, but I’m not feeling that motivated. We took a drive, with our chauffeur, down to Bob’s Diner for a Sunday brunch taking the scenic drive through Londonderry.



Then, when we got back we took a walk in the woods.






We were hiking through the trails in the woods cleaning them up in preparation for CROSS COUNTRY SKIING! Yes, it is getting close to that time of the year!




Okay, so maybe I wasn’t doing quite as much cleaning up as Tom, but hey I did get him to smile for his picture!



Rain, Rainy weather
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Soggy, in one word, that sums up the day. I remember a few years ago, before we moved here permanently, the boys and I spent a month or so up here during the summer. It was a perfect summer and not just because of the haze of memories, but rather the days for the most part were completely and totally without rain. I don’t think that the whole time we were here, we had a rainy day. We did, however, have many, many rainy nights. It seemed to shower every night; the soft patter of rain hitting the metal roof was soothing to sleep by – reminded me of camping. Every morning though the sun came out and dried everything. Perfect weather.

This summer -well it’s off to a soggy start. It’s cold and it’s damp. The seedlings on my growing rack would love to go outside and be planted, but the weather just isn’t cooperating. When it’s sunny and beautiful, I’m working – when I’m not, it’s raining. Maybe tomorrow, although the forecast is not looking good.

We did, however despite the weather have a really nice day. Tom, Tim and I went down to Manchester to Bob’s Diner for lunch (awesome milkshakes and locally grown beefalo burgers) and then headed off to Northshire. A perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon – browsing books and reading in the cafe with a nice hot cup of cappucino, next to my bestest friend. A good way to spend a very, very soggy day.

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We trooped off to soccer practice tonight in Manchester. Tyler appeared to enjoy himself which is good. We were concerned that he might be out of sorts since he hasn’t played on a team since he was 5 or 6. TJ is much more comfortable playing this time around which is good. Tim didn’t play tonight but was happy to offer commentary and refereeing opinions. The boys have come a long way…..

We then hit Bob’s Diner down that way for what we hoped was a quick dinner. Evidently, the staff (all 3 of them) were a bit overwhelmed by the early onslaught of U.S. Open Snowboarders who took up half the diner. Dinner was slower than we anticipated but still a nice treat.

Tomorrow, is TJ’s oral surgery and I must admit that I am a bit nervous. I am sure that I am the only one, since he doesn’t seem the least bit affected by any of it (other than the fact that he cannot eat after midnight tonight). I guess that it part of being a mom -being the chief worrier for the family.   Hopefully everything will go smoothly and my baby (who is presently taller than I) will be A-Okay and not in a lot of discomfort.

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