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Here’s a sunset picture Tyler took and posted on his blog a couple weeks ago.


Here’s a sunset picture I took today in Rutland. Same sun, totally different look.


Green Mountain Scenes


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I believe that when you hear about something uncommon from two different places, it must mean something. This morning when I read my friend Patty’s blog Where Did The Time Go? she was discussing the fact that this weather is reminiscent of sugaring season – that wonderful time of the year when our maple syrup for the whole year is produced. The warm days above freezing and the cold nights gets the sap flowing and the result is very, very sweet. The problem, as Patty remarked, is that this weather shouldn’t be happening now, it’s reserved for closer to the end of the winter. Her post reminded us that while we all might be basking in the sunshine, warm weather and lack of snow now, there will be consequences, which may be not so sweet later on — like a lack of maple syrup. I trust her opinion, after all she sugars and is very familiar with process and its ups and downs.

That is why I thought it was blog worthy when several hours later and states apart, as I was walking into Hannaford, another person — a complete and total stranger — commented in passing to another person (and loudly) about how the weather was great sugaring weather, just not at the right time of the year.

Weird, isn’t it? I mean I know I do live in the land of maple syrup and all – but still two very different sources and places with the same comment in the same day.


And sad, since we do love our maple syrup.

Come on snow!


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I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find a couple messages with questions about blogging and learn that my sister-in-law started her own blog. Her Blog, thoughtsofanotsocitygirldotcom is now online. I do hope that you all will welcome her with open arms and stop in often to say hello and encourage her along.

I remember how excited I was when I began to get comments from people that were not related to me (those strangers that I now call my friends) and every day (sometimes more than once) checked to see how other people reacted and responded to what I had written.  The input has always been welcome, encouraging, funny and sympathetic. You have made me laugh and smile when I’ve had a not-so-good-day and made me feel that what I had written was important enough for you to read. You have showed encouragement when I needed it and sympathy.

I hope that you extend the same generous spirit to Liliana and make her see how wonderful blogging can be.

Happy Sunday!

I hope that all of you readers out there of my blog will extend a warm welcome to Liliana and make her feel as welcome as I have felt.

Okay I stumbled upon a couple of new blogs and one struck me as having a pretty cool…and grounding…idea. She is trying to list everyday for one year 5 things she is grateful for that day or in her life or whenever. Everyone needs to reflect upon what they have and what’s good about it…even if you are having the cruddiest of days or weeks.  I like the idea since there are some days that I am pretty mopey myself.  Here’s the link to the site and what it’s all about. Here my first list:


1. dinner as a family

2. figuring out how to let my hair down (literally) again

3. pink elephants with ice skates and ski hats

4. the warm fire

5. my family

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There have to be 5 things even on a really bad day.

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