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I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find a couple messages with questions about blogging and learn that my sister-in-law started her own blog. Her Blog, thoughtsofanotsocitygirldotcom is now online. I do hope that you all will welcome her with open arms and stop in often to say hello and encourage her along.

I remember how excited I was when I began to get comments from people that were not related to me (those strangers that I now call my friends) and every day (sometimes more than once) checked to see how other people reacted and responded to what I had written.  The input has always been welcome, encouraging, funny and sympathetic. You have made me laugh and smile when I’ve had a not-so-good-day and made me feel that what I had written was important enough for you to read. You have showed encouragement when I needed it and sympathy.

I hope that you extend the same generous spirit to Liliana and make her see how wonderful blogging can be.

Happy Sunday!

I hope that all of you readers out there of my blog will extend a warm welcome to Liliana and make her feel as welcome as I have felt.

July is National Blog Posting Month according to WordPress. It is encouraging bloggers to blog every day for the month. I usually try to blog everyday but, well, kids, work, visitors – sometimes it’s just not possible. I am going to make an effort to blog about something everyday. I am also going to make an effort to walk everyday also. We’ll see how this goes.

Now, a word about the weather – rain. Need I say more?

I started this blog a little over a year ago, mostly as a way for me to journal the trials and tribulations of moving up here from New Jersey. It was my little space to release the thoughts rattling around in my brain and give me some sanity. When I first did it, no one read it, nor did I care. Now – a few days over a year later, I have almost 4,000 hits and it astounds me. I still do this for my own sanity, but also to keep friends and family apprised of what transpires up here with our gang on the hill. A year has made a difference in a lot of ways – the boys have grown much bigger, taller and stronger and I have become accustomed to a much more simple way of life. I must say that I am happy, this was a good choice. The boys seem happy and despite their occasional teenage grumbling (which would happen wherever we lived) I think that they truly love it here. That alone makes it all worthwhile. We were discussing this morning, that we didn’t imagine in our wildest dreams being parents to 21 chickens and 3 fainting goats, but now….I can’t imagine not having them. (The White Dog, mind you I can still do without  – I would be more than happy to train Phoenix the Goat to take over for her). Still….it is hard to believe that I have been blogging for a year. It seems such a normal part of my life that I honestly can’t remember what it was like before it.  I feel compelled to write something every day….which is good– for me and for you.

The title grabbed my eye. Living here, I was curious to know, what 23 things? Where are they? Well, as it turns out, the 23 things are not actual things here in Vermont, but rather a website and blog set up by the Vermont Department of Libraries to teach people about all those wonderful widgets, gadgets and other stuff out there for blogging and using the web to its fullest.

While I get that the goal is to educate fellow librarians, I think that I might learn a thing or two as well.  It might explain exactly what some of those crazy widgets available on actually do.

Check it out……

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