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Wow. Since I wrote last a lot has happened. I have survived my middle son’s class trip to Boston which I have not yet recovered from due to lack of sleep. The kids all seemed to have fun and except for feeling a little (okay a lot more than a little) out of the loop since I don’t know a lot of these moms and dads it was nice. Long, exhausting, but nice. We left our house at 5:45 a.m. Wednesday and got back 1 a.m. Friday. Yikes!

The infamous chicken door has been installed and is working. For those who are unfamiliar, as was I, we now have an automatic chicken door. It opens at sunrise (which this morning amounted to 4:55 a.m. or thereabouts when I heard the first crowing) and closes automatically at dark. While it will take a few days for Tom to actually believe that it is automatic (he is worried about those chickens) it is pretty darn cool. It closes slow enough to not guillotine the chickens (for which I am glad). I was worried that it might be okay, dark slam the door shut and pity the poor chicken that is stuck outside or far worse, has her front separated from her rear by the stainless steel door.

The chickens are laying a consistent dozen, usually more by one or two every day, although since the installation of the chicken door, Tom has banished them from the outer section of the coop where the food is kept so I fear chicken retaliation in form of an egg laying protest.

Gardening is going in, but boy I am tired. I have planted 2 long (and I mean long) rows of various potatoes with another to go in tomorrow. 3 rows of beans, snowpeas, swiss chard, spinach, chinese cabbage, mesclun salad, arugula, scallions, pumpkins, squash, corn, carrots and zucchini.

We have planted seeds for tomatoes, cukes, more pumpkins and I honestly don’t remember what else. I hope that my herb garden which is going to be a raised bed can go in tomorrow or during the week since I am anxious to get the basil started. Ahhh. Fresh basil.

Most of the planters are planted and we have some self-watering window boxes coming from Gardeners Supply which should arrive this week sometime.

The birdfeeders are filled and the hummingbirds are busily draining their feeders. Summer is slowly but surely coming to Vermont if you can survive the bloodsucking black flies. 😉

We were at a barbeque yesterday where we were actually wearing fleece. Imagine wearing fleece during the day on Memorial Day Weekend! Wow. I am loving it here. 

Pools open? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that July 4th around here?



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