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dscn41721So, as promised, here are some pictures of the bedroom and our new closet that was just finished last night. In between work today, we have been taking turns moving clothes back into the closet in order to make sense out of the second guest bedroom’s chaos.



There is still some finishing touches to be done, but overall it was well worth the wait.  Here are some pictures of the new closet.



So….what do you think?



The new carpet was installed yesterday. While it looks gray in this picture, it is actually tan. We moved our mattress back into the room to sleep on last night, but the movers are coming today to help get all the bedroom furniture upstairs.


Our bedroom furniture has two sets of lights built in. The switch had stopped working years ago but because it is a gigantic piece of furniture and was unable to move, we didn’t get around to fixing it until it was apart. Luckily, the switch didn’t need a new switch rather it was just a loose wire. Tom re-soldered and all appears fine, I am told.


Well, it seems that we have not escaped the rash of cold-like things that are going around these days. Tim caught a cold which he just has not been able to shake. Turns out that he greeted us at the door Thursday evening with complaints that his chest was hurting … and well, let’s just say that we’re on antibiotics and steroids — poor kid has bronchitis and is banned from playing soccer at least until Monday evening, we’ll see what the return doctor’s appointment tells us on Monday. I have the cold and have felt quite miserable and I don’t have asthma like Tim and Tom so I can feel their pain. It is a miserable stuffy head and chest thing – not much with the stuffy nose, thankfully. Tom appears to be coming down with it – so needless to say we are a fun bunch here at the T’s this Easter.  Good thing we have no company, no one really is going to want to be around us.

Coupled with that is the bedroom renovation which has turned from just a little spackle touch-ups to a complete re-spackling job.
I am convinced that whoever did it the first time, had just a little too much of the good stuff in their coffee, since nothing was straight, flat or lined up and it all became very clear when we tried to put the first coat of paint on the walls. Here are some pictures if you think I am exaggerating.



I am sure that when it is all done, I will be quite happy with it. I just hate all the dust, mess and upheaval that goes all with it all. Mix in there a good cold and feeling generally crappy and I am not particularly a happy camper.

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