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There is something to be said for taking the boys on vacation. It is definitely entertaining. They are a force to be reckoned with and their incessant teasing of each other, makes for some great entertainment for Tom and I.


There’s the gang together waiting for dinner…..


TJ’s ever changing facial expressions amused them….



Ian took advantage of some “green space” to chill out waiting for a ride home from the beach.






One of the most hysterical things was when the other boys placed lots of chips and pieces of bread on a sleeping TJ at the beach … with a lot of hungry seagulls hanging nearby…. while they simply stood there falling over laughing….






There was some summer reading for school…..




Tim sporting his new shades…..

But it has been apparent that Alex has been quite popular with the girls during the trip (in the under 5 age group) ….fighting over who is going to sit next to him.





Playing on the beach. This is how I occupy my time.








Happy Wiggle Your Toes Day!


Today is, believe it or not, National Wiggle Your Toes Day. It is a day to set your toes free and wiggle away — exercising those toes! I personally cannot think of a better place to wiggle your toes than in the sand of the beach — but that’s just me. Sandy beaches are made for toe wiggling.

Wherever you choose, find some time today to go barefoot, walk through the cool grass, the warm sand or a puddle. Wiggle those toes!

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Eventually come to an end. As much as I’ve looked forward to vacation, I am also looking forward to going home. The boys…well, I’m guessing not quite as much. Coming home from vacation marks 10 days to the start of school. Yes, for those of you who have kids our schools open 8/25 way before Labor Day, which is technically their first long holiday weekend.

The house has been fun and the consensus I believe is that they would do it again (of course, they’re not paying for it). It’s quiet here, for the most part, we are well away from the hustle and bustle of Ogunquit and Route 1, but close enough to walk to it.

Today was the last full day of vacation – Tom and I snuck away to Ogunquit on the trolley for a nice walk, coffee on the ocean and lunch. Makes me think of our honeymoon, when there weren’t kids and what they wanted first and foremost in our minds.

The weather today was perfect, warm in the sun and cool and breezy in the shade. A nice last day and a really nice afternoon spent with my best friend.


The waves definitely kicked up for the last part of the week. The boys had a blast in the surf with the high waves. Here are some pictures. Tom’s mother and I had to keep retreating up onto the rocks due to the ferocity of the waves and the disappearing beach. All in vain however since we returned two drowned looking rats despite our best efforts.




We were fortunate that we missed the rain that hit most of the rest of the East Coast until this afternoon/evening. Due to the incoming weather, no one was allowed to swim in the ocean today so it was a good day to head up to Scarborough and Freeport and hit Cabela’s and LL Bean. We lunched at Pedro O’Hara’s (go figure) and had a pretty good day. We are relaxing now, enjoying our last evening at the campground. The boys were hoping for another campfire, but I don’t know if Mother Nature is going to let that happen. Guess we cannot complain, a night in the camper isn’t bad for the last night of vacation. We could have been stuck in here together all week, now that would have just been less than good.

There is a romantic notion to “vacation”. It bespeaks lazy days, lazier nights, no obligations, no schedules, no place to be, no things that have to be done. I daydream about vacation. The destination is romantic, the weather is perfect, there is no stress. We get out of bed when we want, we go to bed when we want. We eat, drink and play on our own schedule.  And then, there is vacation with children. More work, especially when they are young, since going anywhere requires you to basically pack up your house and take it with you. But still, the schedule is pretty much your own. The adults rule, the adults pick the restaurant, the time for dinner, the sights to be seen and best of all, little children go to sleep early and are content with very little in the way of entertainment. A pail and shovel at the beach can keep them busy for hours. Vacationing with older children and/or teens is a bit harder. Everyone now has an opinion and of course when they are teenagers, everyone seems to think that they have a right to speak it. It should be easier, one would think to travel with older children, but not always. They are self-entertaining, surely, but they are equally constantly bored, constantly wondering what’s next, whether it be the next activity or the next meal. Plus feeding them is akin to watching pirana feed, it is obscene amounts of food, a flurry of activity, and it is all gone. Scary stuff. This morning, my oldest son put away a raspberry turnover, two pancakes, two scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, toast and some of his brother’s donut holes. Truly amazing to watch. I gain weight just looking at him.

We are enjoying our time together. DSCN4895Here’s the gang that I am traveling with. I am one woman with 5 teenage/pre-teen boys. Missing is the man of my life, he was hiding from the beach that day. We are also traveling with my husband’s parents.

We are spending a few days on vacation at the beach in Maine. Two motor homes, my inlaws, one of the boys’ friends and a cousin. A house (or houses) full. The weather has been enjoyable today and we are very fortunate since this is practically winter usually in Maine. It is in the 90s and sunny and absolutely gorgeous. I will post pictures soon.

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