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My boys amaze me. I am constantly in awe of how much they do and how very capable and talented they are at what they do. While we certainly are supportive, I honestly cannot take the credit for exactly how much and how well they manage to do things. For example, this past weekend, Tim was a participant in the American Choral Directors Association Eastern Conference. He, and four other Mill River students, who auditioned last year were selected to be part of the honors choirs. Tim had the privilege of performing in the Chinese Honors Choir. He learned and memorized about 8 songs in Chinese which he performed with 99 other students from all along the Eastern United States. He and his classmates, who were 4 of the 9 Vermont students that qualified for this distinct honor, performed in the Symphony Hall in Baltimore, Maryland with nationally recognized choral conductors.

We drove down to Baltimore this weekend meet Tim and see the concert. It was an amazing experience and still would have been an incredible event even if my own flesh and blood wasn’t one of the students performing. The entire experience was wonderful. My boys have the ability to constantly amaze me and make me incredibly proud. Enjoy the pictures here and share my pride and the pride of my fellow parents in how wonderful these students were and what an incredible experience they had.

Our ACDA participants with their choral instructor, Kristin Cimonetti.

Our ACDA participants with their choral instructor, Kristin Cimonetti.


The conductor of the Chinese Honors Choir – she was wonderful and explained the words to the songs that the students performed in Chinese.



The entire Chinese Honors Choir performing at Symphony Hall in Baltimore.


There’s my guy…..





I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of beauty. ~ Edgar Allen Poe

Photo - Associated Press

Photo - Associated Press

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allen Poe and the 160th anniversary of his death. This Sunday, in Baltimore, Poe will be given a proper funeral. When he died in 1849, his death was never announced, and only ten people attended his funeral. His tombstone was destroyed before it could be placed on his grave and he was libeled in an obituary written by a bitter enemy. This Sunday, however, he will be given a proper funeral attended by hundreds of people with recreations of eulogies given by friends and fellow writers and poets. A lifelike replica of Poe’s body has been created and he will lie in state for 12 hours before a recreated funeral will take place with Gomez Adams, actor John Astin, acting as the master of ceremonies. The funeral is an elaborate recreation in tribute to the famous poet which will take place in Baltimore at the church next to the graveyard where he was buried.

An article relating all the details of the twice sold out event is here.

For more information on Edgar Allen Poe visit the Poe Baltimore Museum site.

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