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At 5 p.m. on this date, our middle son arrived into this world. An easy delivery after our first son which was startling considering the kid weighed 10 pounds 12 ounces at birth. So hard to believe that a baby that didn’t even fit in newborn diapers arrived into the world so easily – or so it seemed. It was a little scary since he was whisked away quickly as they were concerned about shoulder dystocia and his (gigantic) size which could indicate other medical issues, but all turned out well with him. He looked way different than his older brother.

We’ve been lucky to have known him and have him in our lives 14 years today. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s funny, empathic, a good cook, patient and handsome, if I do say so as his mom.

His cake well, that’s another story. The cake was baked bright and early and eaten in part by the dog before noon. The second cake was in the oven by noon and proceeded to turn into a Haiti cake by 3 p.m. Oh well…… still it tastes good and he seemed to think it was awesome. (No accounting for teenage taste in appearances I guess – I was heartbroken – he thought it was the best cake… ever).

Happy Birthday Tyler!


Today is the day that changed it all, for both Tom and I. Today (well, technically this evening at 9:47 p.m.) our lives became less about us and more about someone else. That moment in time became the moment that I would die for — quite literally. At that moment everything changed and I knew at that second what it meant to literally be willing to give your life for someone else. That little screaming baby that was pulled (quite literally) into the world by his head made me know that my life had just changed, evolved, flipped on its side and was doing cartwheels. The bumping, kicking and thumping that I had felt for so many months and had prevented me from sleeping soundly now had a face, ten tiny toes and all the things in between. So perfectly crafted, so tiny, so raw and vulnerable. It was a snapshot in time that I won’t ever forget. My heart became twice its size that day and thereafter when his brothers were born, twice the size again and again. No one could prepare me for motherhood – no books, no parents, no one. Tom and I used to lay for hours on end, just staring at this perfect little child amazed that we created him and amazed that after all those months of percolating inside, he was finally here. Well, today that little baby turns 14. Those memories are just as lively today as they were that night 14 years ago. For me and for him, the day has different perspectives. For him, the highlight of his day will most likely be the good wishes he receives from his friends just because he is 14 after all. While he will graciously accept our birthday wishes and cake and presents they are perfunctory for him now. We are “the parents” and in his mind hardly as cool as his friends. Nonetheless, someday, he will hopefully read this post and realize exactly how special he is to us and how much his birthday is just as special a day for us, as it is for him. After all, it is the day that changed it all and life for us, will never be the same.  For him, on this day and the years that come, here are my wishes — the things that he doesn’t want to hear now and probably still won’t want to hear 10 years from now, but hopefully someday will:

  • May your teenage years not be as terrible as everyone tells you that they will be.
  • May you always keep your wonderful sense of humor, because you can always make me smile.
  • Smile, because your face lights up every time you do and it looks great on you.
  • May you find the person who will be your best friend and soulmate and share your days of adulthood with you and give you the happiness that your dad has always given me.
  • May you be blessed with good health and great friends with whom you will be able to share life’s trials and celebrations. Friends that will laugh with you and cry with you and always be just a phone call away.
  • Keep your brothers close as they were your first fans. You are an idol to them as the “big brother” and  they will be your most loyal and  biggest supporters when you need family to fall on.
  • Know that whatever you choose to do with your life (after college of course!) I am behind you and know you will be successful. You are a great kid and great things will come from you.

Happy Birthday TJ – I love you! dscn2802

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