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Sometimes it’s important to remember how lucky you are. Of course, when tragedy strikes, either close to home or close enough to your heart, we all take stock and remember to count off the things for which we are thankful. We shouldn’t need tragedy, our own or someone else’s, to remind us of our good fortune. No matter how down we might get, there is always, always, always something for which we are grateful. Some days and trust me, I have had them, it is simply that you are upright and breathing. Other days, it is something more intangible, like the golden bonds of a dear friendship. We don’t always realize that as we make our way through this life, we are not just navigating around and through and over hurdles and phases and good things. We are weaving our own web of people, places and things that have touched our lives. Through the years, I am very lucky to have spun some very precious webs of friendship, heart strings connecting hearts that aren’t located as physically close to each other as they once were — some are located hundreds of miles away. Those strings, though, they are precious and connect our past with our present and wind gently into our future.

This morning I was very fortunate to be reminded of those wonderful heart strings. A random text yesterday afternoon alerted me that my very, very dear friend was on the brink of a new chapter in her life. Her daughter-in-law and son were in labor with their first child and her first grandchild. Despite our distance, I was there with her in spirit and prayers that all went well and her new granddaughter would make a very normal entry into this world. Around 2:30 this morning my phone went off again to alert me to the fact that the little beauty had made her grand entrance along with a picture of the cutest little bundle of joy. I love that I have friends so dear to my heart that they would see fit to share such wonderful news almost instantaneously with me. It is a reminder of how blessed and lucky I am. Welcome to this world little Brooke! May you be blessed with a lifetime of wonderful friends to journey with you!

Congratulations to our dear friends Ellen and John! 

IMG_1331I know you will make as wonderful grandparents as you are parents and friends. 



We should be thankful every single day but often we are so caught up in day-to-day life, that we take the “little” things for granted. As Antonio Smith (no relation by the way) is quoted as saying “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” I am often amazed when the boys will point out something, which usually Tom and I don’t even remember happened, but evidently it was a big deal for them, a small detail that makes all the difference. Never underestimate the power you have over the people in your life and never fail to be grateful. All too often, we fail to realize just how much we have and how blessed we really are, until it is too late.

There is a site, Grace in Small Things

My wish is that each of you enjoys a very Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by those people that are special in your life.

Today is a pretty rainy day. But a good day to reflect on the good things in life. I got an email from Grace in small things which reminded me I have a lot of reasons to be thankful. Here are today’s Five:

1. the soothing sound of rain falling

2. a really nice week with Tom

3. the boys come home tomorrow and life resumes as normal – the way it’s supposed to be.

4. the remaining quiet that I have left to enjoy for today

5. Three healthy, happy boys – the youngest of whom is turning 12 tomorrow!

Five things that I am grateful for today:

1. Snow and lots of it.

2. School not being closed because of it. 

3. Healthy kids

4. Fire burning in the stove.

5. Crockpot -with dinner already in the works.

Grace in small things – check it out.

Here are the 5 things for which I am grateful today:

1. Advil – since I have a miserable on-again off-again headache.

2. Family time – I love it when everyone is in one room relaxing together.

3. The forecast – Since I think we may be getting snow again

4. Tweaks and tickles

5. Being able to recognize that I am very lucky in many ways

Five things I am grateful for today:

1. Lunch dates with my husband – something we never got to do in NJ.

2. Exploring areas we have never been

3. Cocktail hour 

4. Fuzzy goats

5. Quiet boys

Here are 5 small things I am grateful for today:

1. that the White Dog only has a couple more years in her

2. comfy pjs

3. movie night with my husband

4. a hot cup of tea

5. laughing with the boys

Okay I stumbled upon a couple of new blogs and one struck me as having a pretty cool…and grounding…idea. She is trying to list everyday for one year 5 things she is grateful for that day or in her life or whenever. Everyone needs to reflect upon what they have and what’s good about it…even if you are having the cruddiest of days or weeks.  I like the idea since there are some days that I am pretty mopey myself.  Here’s the link to the site and what it’s all about. Here my first list:


1. dinner as a family

2. figuring out how to let my hair down (literally) again

3. pink elephants with ice skates and ski hats

4. the warm fire

5. my family

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