I am short, no two ways about it especially when you live in a house with everyone else over six feet tall. It wasn’t always that way, I used to be the second tallest person in the house when the other three members of the family were all shorter than I. Then puberty hit (for them) and I fell right through the ranks to the shortest person in the house – unless you count the dog, but she’s not a person so I guess I can’t even win that one.

Short person problems.  You never see things that the “tall folk” in the house put away since they are usually above your head. Personally, I think tall folks enjoy this – but that’s just my own two cents.

The infamous step stool – an accoutrement of the short girl. My step stool has been all over the house and the porch. It is the extra foot or thereabouts that I need to make life work. The other day, we were bringing in wood which Tom and I usually do together. We both stack the rack until it gets above my head and then I pass to him and he stacks the rest. He wasn’t around so I wasn’t about to wait. Out came the step stool and I climbed up and down to finish stacking the wood in our wood rack.

It is my kitchen companion to reach the items on the shelves out of my reach or to get something put on top of the refrigerator. It gets pulled out when I need to attach or detach the hummingbird feeders from the porch and no tall person is around to help.

Are you short? Do you have a step stool? Hopefully I’m not the only one.