Do you have AAA? If not, drop what you are doing right now, get to your computer and enroll.

I kid you not. Do it. Do it now. You will thank me. Trust me.

I cannot recommend AAA (American Automobile Association) enough. I love AAA, almost as much as I love my family. When the boys became drivers, they got added to the insurance policy and to the AAA account. Since then they have helped us out whenever there was an automobile emergency.

Every dealing I have had with the folks at AAA has been a good one, they have been polite, kind, considerate and helpful.

Tonight we needed them again, and they were there, as promised.

We got out of Tom’s truck, just to run inside the house next door quickly and grab something. When we came outside, the truck was locked, with the keys in the ignition. This is evidently something new that Tom’s truck has decided to do, randomly lock the doors despite no one locking the doors.

Guess where the spare key was? In my purse. Guess where my purse was? Yup, locked in the truck. Along with our phones, our gloves. Called AAA and within 45 minutes as promised, a very nice guy on a very cold night, worked to unlock the truck. When he couldn’t get the door unlocked on the driver’s side, he just wandered over to the passenger side, worked at it some more and bingo…. we were unlocked.

A few months ago, a fuel pump went on one of the trucks when it was in Boston with one of the boys. A call to AAA — the truck, and the kids, were driven to the designated auto repair facility in New Hampshire. It made our lives much easier than having to drive to Boston to arrange towing and fetch kids.

Is this an unpaid endorsement of AAA? Why yes it is. When someone finds a service that is always helpful,  they should shout it from the rooftop.

Now stop reading this and go sign up for AAA. Trust me, you will thank me. Thank you, New England AAA. 🙂