IMG_4858This guy, maybe some of you know him? Today is the day that he turns as old as me. While he doesn’t like the limelight (as if you can say this blog is the limelight LOL) I cannot let the day pass without wishing him a Happy Birthday.  I cannot imagine a better person to share this wacky, rollercoaster of a ride through life with than this guy. He makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, he is my biggest fan and my best refuge from the big bad world when I need it.

He has given me the three best parts of my life.

I cannot wait to see what adventures we share in the years ahead.

When I say that I love you it is not out of habit or to make conversation. It is to remind me that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you — Happy Birthday – Even if I am just pretty okay.