Between yesterday and today I picked about 8 pounds of Roma tomatoes, peeled them and made homemade arribiatta sauce, picked a bunch of hot peppers from the garden some of which went into such sauce, picked a bushel of apples from the yard and made apple sauce with most of it. The canning of that will be tomorrow’s project. I also sliced and froze about 6 pounds of peppers from the farmers market, picked parsley and have it drying in the dehydrator along with other herbs for a dried herb seasoning , took Moxie for a 3 mile walk both days,  



 went food shopping, did laundry and helped Tom move a bunch of stuff (3 truckloads to be exact) to the side of the road that we didn’t want or need anymore, cleaned out my old office, watered the flowers and the garden (twice) and last but not least, made apple turnovers. Empty nesting may kill me.