As you look around here, you can see the signs that autumn is approaching. They are subtle but you can find them if you look. Distressed trees are turning color, the nights are a little cooler, the end of summer vegetables are getting ripe and weighing down the plants that bear them. Berry picking is ending, canning jars are flying off the shelves. The countdown begins.

Yesterday marked another kind of countdown–two weeks until our youngest heads off to college to begin the adventure that he has been waiting and preparing for all those high school years. He will be followed a couple days later by both his brothers. 

So here in the remaining days we have together before our family morphs into a new and different configuration, I will make every effort to dwell on enjoying and favoring the last remnants of the before college years. Similar to enjoying the last lazy days of summer, embraced with both pleasure and sadness, knowing it can’t last forever.