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For our kids, it’s probably impossible to know a world without smartphones, texting, video games, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. Hard to believe that Facebook has been around for a decade. While it took me a while to jump onto the Facebook craze, and I admit when I did jump, it was primarily to see what the kids were up to since teenagers talk very little to parents but they’ll share everything with the rest of the world. However, I remember the surprise of seeing faces from my past and having the opportunity to see what has transpired in the years or decades since we last saw each other face to face. Recently, it was a way to hook up with some people that were a part of our lives years ago and we fell out of touch with and probably didn’t even know that we moved from New Jersey to Vermont. It’s a sort of guilty pleasure, checking in to see what the people in your life are up to or find out the latest scoop on what’s going on around town, around the state or even around the world.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary Facebook has compiled each of us a movie. Our own little movie about our lives since we’ve joined Facebook. I must admit that it was pretty neat to see some pictures from four years ago when I joined and how different the boys looked in what seemed like such a short amount of time. It was also pretty neat to see some posts that I had made that garnered significant comments. All in all, it’s pretty neat.  Find yours at https://facebook.com/lookback/

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