Yesterday, we celebrated Tom’s 50th birthday. Usually, the birthday person picks his or her dinner of choice. Tom didn’t disappoint and I could have guessed his choice without even asking him. I have never, ever, seen a guy so happy for a salad. Throw some jerk chicken on top of it and I think he was in heaven.





It was a simple chocolate bundt cake with a chocolate glaze and one candle….we are waiting for the weekend when our friend Lou comes up (the guys’ birthdays are the same day and they always try to celebrate together over the “I have a dream” weekend. We figure 50 + 50 makes for way more fun and challenge on the cake.


Since I am usually behind the camera for the birthdays… here’s a change of pace.


Someone is missing from this picture…..and it isn’t me.


Tim steps in the for the photobomb…..


Just in case you didn’t see exactly how delicious this cake looked because you were pondering the single candle….


Post wish ………..


The way every birthday celebration should end…