We have had a busy couple weeks here. My apologies for not posting as usual. Youngest child went and returned from Costa Rica which involved us picking him up in Boston two days before July 4th. We had company arriving the next day with company arriving each day to follow in preparation for both July 4th and oldest son’s graduation party on the 6th. Party preparations and house preparations consumed most of those days but thanks to the group of friends and family that were here staying with us, the adage “many hands make light work” became blissfully obvious and was the theme surrounding the party itself. I cannot thank everyone enough, you helped to make it a wonderful party and a great day.

We counted a total of 20 people staying here  over the July 4th weekend not counting the boys’ friends (which on Saturday night totaled another 3 or 4) that managed to crash in every conceivable corner, including the dog bed. We are pretty sure that it was a house record, but it was great, lots of fun. One of the things that I think I miss most about growing up was the fact that our house always seemed full, between us, our other family and friends that visited, lots of people always came and went. This weekend reminded me a lot of that. Not much spare unused room, but lots of love and friendship — the important things in life anyway.

Here are some pictures from the setup and the party.





P1090765It was a beautiful day — the sun was shining, it was breezy so the bugs were minimal during daylight hours. It was a day unlike any other that we have had for a few weeks. Perfect party weather.