Sometimes, life takes you to strange places. Places that you never imagined in your wildest dreams that you would be going. For example, I was asked to speak more than once regarding the integration of children and adults in various community groups. Somehow, and I don’t really know how, I have become somewhat of an authority on this topic, a motivator of sorts. So, as I was walking out the door on Saturday morning, bright and early, to give my talk at a local church group, it hit me. Nowhere, in my wildest dreams, did the thought of me being any type of motivational speaker co-exist in the same sentence. Sometimes, people see you differently than you see yourself. In fact, sometimes, people see you as you could never see yourself.

I was asked to speak a few months ago about some ideas of how to bring younger people into a community group and get them more involved. I agreed to speak, mostly because it was a topic that I was somewhat comfortable with, I am the mother of three teenagers and my boys and their friends are pretty involved kids. They have jobs, they volunteer and they are involved quite a bit in what goes on around them. I taked from experience, from what I know and gave suggestions that I hoped fit into their particular situations.

I, however, do not consider myself any type of authority on this topic. Others evidently do, as evidenced by the responses that I received both times I’ve spoken.

Go figure, life can be strange.