Today, we came across the sales brochure for our house from 2003. It was buried in the console of Tom’s old truck which has been off the road for a couple years. We just got it back on the road today and when he was cleaning it out, he came across this sales brochure.



“Ideal Country Home”…..hmmmm ~ I’d say so, but then I think I’m a little prejudiced.


It’s fun to look at the way it looked when we bought it…..and how different it looks today. Although a lot of that furniture in those pictures may still be here or was at least here for a pretty long time afterwards.



I would differ with the “fenced yard” description though — this has two sections of fencing in front of the house and that does not qualify as a “fenced yard” in my humble opinion.

“Buy a Piece of Vermont”

  I guess we did done that, didn’t we?

Very happily I might add. 🙂