Today is my sister’s birthday. She is four years younger than I am and has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. She is my first and probably my dearest friend. While we might not have always seen eye to eye, particularly when she saw fit to carry the entire contents of my half of our room from the attic room that we shared to the basement of our two family home, effectively relocating me while I was not home, (I’ve let that go as you can see) as we have grown we have shared many wonderful memories that warm my heart. When we did share a room, there were our all night Monopoly games (with the board located on a table between our beds) and a double date here and there. Since we’ve had husbands and children of our own, I know she is always the one that I can commiserate with or cry to or complain to and she will always be there to listen.

As we raise our boys Tom and I have tried very hard to instill in them the idea that they will always have each other. They should always look out and take care of one another since we will one day no longer be around. I think often of how nice it is to hang out with my sister and how comfortable that relationship is. I hope that my boys enjoy the same relationship with their brothers as I do with my sister and my brother. It’s nice to know the comfort of having someone around that knows where you’re coming from because they were there too and know you as well as you know yourself.

Happy Birthday Donna! Love you!