Today I had a lunch date. The date had been on the calendar and when noon rolled around, my date came to get me. I’m a lucky girl. Not everyone has a lunch date on a Friday afternoon with their favorite guy and I’m pretty sure that even less have their lunch via a snowmobile ride. Today, we set out for a lunchtime snowmobile ride after last night’s snow. We made the ride over to the Belmont Store and had lunch. Not fancy, in fact if you saw my hair when I took my helmet off in Belmont, you might have been scared or laughed…it definitely didn’t look like it did before that helmet went on my head. As an aside, I was having an excellent hair day prior to that by the way, something that does not happen often with those of the curly hair persuasion. Despite my hair, we had a fun ride and a good lunch. As we were on our ride over, we came upon an open field at the crest of the hill and the blue skies were peeking through the clouds. We stopped to take pictures…..