From before first light this morning, the snow has been falling, fast and furious. At points today, a look out the window gave one glimpses of some almost blizzard-like winds and snow with very little visibility. By the time I ventured out at 3 to get kids (yes they had school today) we had about 8 inches on the ground here. The town plow truck had been by several times, each time flinging snow to the sides of the road.





I definitely needed my good ol’ Sorel boots to wander out into the yard today.



Especially when it was looking like this outside this afternoon.


Imagine my surprise when I went down the hill and then headed down into town. Less than six miles away there were flurries falling but no real accumulation and by the time I got to the school, you would swear we lived in two different worlds. There was no snow, no snow accumulation, just rain falling and lots of brown grass. 


So odd, how in just a few miles and a few less feet in elevation, it is a completely different world. BTW, as I type this, it is still snowing here.