It is a sad day here.

Tom realized just a few minutes ago that the hard drive on the computer that runs the weather station has died, taking the weather station and its data offline. Hopefully, he will be able to recover the data — it’s one of those things. He was commenting that he needed to do a backup since he knew that the hard drive was getting old, and before that could happen, it went.

We have had the weather station for about ten years. The boys and I bought it as a gift for Tom when we first bought our house up here and way before we ever moved to Vermont. It is funny how somethings become ingrained in your life and you take them for granted, until of course, they stop working.

It was very matter-of-fact to check the weather in our own backyard, as a good number of you also do, as I can tell from comments on the blog. In fact, just yesterday we were checking it regularly to find out exactly what speed that wind that was whipping outside our house was registering.

So, now we will be weather-data-less for a bit until the new hard drive is up and running. Guess we’ll have to relay on the old-fashioned stick your head out the window weather reporting for a bit.