After having successfully sidestepped the colds that were abounding through our house from a variety of sources, it appears that I have succumbed, Tom too. The boys have been toying with various forms of a cold and our oldest probably had it the worst last weekend, which make sense that this weekend, I feel quite like crap. 

I am not a good person to be sick, because being sick enough to feel crappy usually only makes me mad and guilty. When you are not completely out –like with a stomach bug or the flu, where you wish someone would shoot you, a cold is miserable and annoying. You feel bad enough to not want to do anything, but good enough to feel guilty about not doing anything. Throw in lack of a few good nights of sleep due to cold symptoms and you have one very conflicted and cranky person. 

Yesterday I felt rather out of sorts which went downhill as the day progressed. Didn’t sleep well last night and then today, I feel just miserable enough to want to lounge on the couch all day but bad enough to feel incredibly guilty about spending the free time of my weekend doing nothing. 

So, today I made pumpkin granola, granola bars, cleaned out all the old magazines from the rack, cleaned the bottom drawer of our bookcase and cleaned the bottom of the closet in our bathroom which incidentally still had a couple boxes of bathroom stuff from when we moved up six years ago.