The weather pushed 50 here on the hill today, which means that word we all dread in these parts — MUD. I went to grab one of the boys and the road was just horrific. Wherever the sun was hitting, the road had ruts a foot or more deep. For those of you who love roller coasters and amusement parks — no need to travel far or spend a lot. Simply take a ride on our road, Mother Nature has provided us with one heck of a ride. Hang onto your hats because your vehicle is going wherever it feels like or more appropriately wherever the vehicles that have traveled before you have gone. You had best just hope that none of them took a turn off the side of the road, because with these ruts you’d be hard pressed to convince your vehicle to turn otherwise. 

Let’s hope that the call for cold weather comes and freezes this all and then our wonderful road crew can come and flatten it all out before more snow….it’s way too early to feel like spring. As I type this I wish I had gone out and gotten some pictures, too dark for that now, I am sure those ruts will still be there in the morning. I’ll try for some pictures then.