I gave my hubby a straight razor set for Christmas. It was not until after he opened it and the boys were joking with him, that I realized that I had just given the man that I love, the ability to slice his jugular vein and die.  That was not my purpose. Really. I. Love. Him.

Rather, it was more of a classic, kind of sexy thing. He had mentioned several times using shave soap instead of commercial shaving cream and when I went online looking…well, I got caught up in the romance of the whole straight razor shaving thing. And I really wasn’t trying to kill him…or have him kill himself.

So, today, he made a first crack at it and was a good enough sport to allow me to sit on the bathroom counter and photograph the whole thing (including his potential injury) .

Here is the equipment.


P1080610Lathering up…..


Deep breath, deep breath……P1080612 First swipes…..P1080613 P1080616

Mind you, this whole time I am hanging over him with a camera…..talk about stress.

P1080617 P1080619 P1080624 P1080625 P1080626

Look Ma…. no blood……..



P1080627 P1080630


Remember, as if this wasn’t stressful enough, I am here photo diarying his potential slip…..(which luckily didn’t happen – or this would be a very different post)





P1080631 P1080632 P1080633

I had a great time watching him and he was a sport for putting up with me and letting me post these pictures.