One of the traditions I have here is our monthly “lunch with the ladies”. Two of my good friends (and neighbors) and I get together every four weeks for lunch at one of our houses. We rotate between the three of us serving as host and we have now being doing this for well over a year. Despite the fact that we are all within visual and walking distance of each other, our days are all so busy that we sometimes can go for a week or so without a face-to-face conversation — although there can be many email and text message conversations usually related to pick-ups and drop-offs of our children who all go to the same school. It is therefore, quite nice that we can set aside an hour or two once a month to get together, share some good food and good company. It is a wonderful opportunity for some facet-to-face girl time. The kids and the husbands have all acknowledged our “lunch with the ladies” days and know that they are cherished.

This month was my turn to host and the menu was cauliflower soup, mixed greens salad, homemade baguettes with crumb coffee cake for dessert. I look forward to my lunches with the ladies. They are a welcomed tradition.