Independence day Fireworks over the Navasink R...

Independence day Fireworks over the Navasink River in Red Bank, NJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a busy week. Tom and TJ are away and in addition to the house feeling a little off when one or more of us is gone, it is also considerably busier for me. I am the chauffeur, cook, laundry person and animal care giver. The days have been long but very busy and that is why this morning when I looked at the blog statistics, I realized that I crossed a big threshold. My blog has had over 100,000 views on it since its inception. Wow. Thank you!

English: Red heart clip art

English: Red heart clip art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To think that when I started it, it was just a way to vent and keep our families back in New Jersey aware of what was happening here. Now, it is so much more than that and I have had the true pleasure of meeting and conversing with so many people because of it. It is such a big part of my own life and I am very grateful that so many of you have made a regular part of yours.

From the bottom of my heart….thank you!