It’s been two years since we last harvested honey. Tom pulled off the supers last week and then this past weekend, the potting shed was converted into the honey extraction chamber. The portable electric heaters were placed out there to bring the potting shed and the honey up to a warmer temperature. Much like syrup, cold honey does not flow. Since Friday night, (off and on) Tom has been uncapping the frames and then placing them in the extractor and spinning them out. We have been very fortunate to have about 11 1/2 gallons of honey from this harvest. There is one five gallon bucket that will sit in the basement and another that was siphoned off into smaller jars (about two cases worth), plus another five half-gallon mason jars of honey. That is a lot of honey.

The thing about honey, is it is great to put up. It’s filtered several times and then jarred — that’s it!